Last week I posted about a little message centre we put together for our previously cluttered kitchen (check that out here). You may have noticed we also added a little wall-mounted spice rack at the same time, so here’s the scoop.

Firstly, let me back up and show you our pathetic spice “rack” (ie. various spice shakers shoved in a corner of a cabinet):

Not pretty. It also made all of our travel mugs taste slightly spicy. Ick.

So, when I spotted the magnetic ‘Grundtal‘ tins at IKEA, I figured that they would be the perfect solution. I grabbed a couple packages of them ($9.99/3 pack) and the white magnetic board IKEA sells (called the ‘Spontan‘ for $14.99).

I wanted to label the tins, so I got out a roll of adhesive blackboard that I had sitting in our closet (originally purchased for a buck at the dollar store).

I cut the blackboard adhesive into small labels, and wrote the names of each spice with a white gel pen. Then it was just a matter of filling up the jars and sticking them onto the magnetic board. Easy, peasy.

Not only has it freed up some space in our cabinet, but we’ve also been finding that it’s good to have the spices out on display because we use them more that way.

So there is it. What about you guys? Done any kitchen organizing lately? DIYed a spice rack? Speaking of spices, any amazing recipes you’ve tried recently? Do tell.