Hey folks. Sorry for being totally MIA lately. I came down with a crazy stomach flu that had me completely down and out. Now that I’m feeling somewhat human again, let me tell you about the seriously amazing weekend I just had.

It started off with an event called BlogPodium (put together by the lovely Jen from Rambling Renovators and Lindsay from Aubrey + Lindsay). It brought together a big group of folks to chat about blogs and media. On the expert panel were media mavens, like Kate More from CityLine, Kimberley SeldonMargot Austin, and Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault from Benjamin Moore. I felt totally out of my league.

Besides learning some fabulous tips on how to get media exposure, I also met some other bloggers. This was the first time I have ever gone to a “blogger event”, so to meet other folks who are into blogging as much as I am was so fun. It’s definitely kind of weird to meet people who you feel you know already from their blog… it’s like starting on date #8. Weird, but in a fabulous kind of way.

[Photos by the amazing Jason Hudson, on flickr here]

After BlogPodium, I hit up the Interior Design Show (IDS). It was crazy inspiring. I’ve only ever gone to “Home and Garden” type shows which have been bo-bo-bo-boring. Unlike those shows which often have 15 different granite vendors and not much else, the IDS is chock-a-block full of amazing vignettes, a variety of vendors and artists, and just all-around eye candy. My eyes were peeled for anything I might be able to DIY. I noticed tons of orange (tangerine is the colour of the year, remember?), lots of salvaged wood,  and lots of natural textiles. Here are a few of my fave things from the show, but apologies for the less-than-fabulous photos (I relied on my phone instead of the SLR)…

ELTE had one of my absolutely favourite booths. I love their mixture of soft textiles with more rough, industrial pieces. I’m dying for one of their colourful silk rugs. None of my photos turned out well, so I snagged these ones off Elte’s facebook page here.

To wrap it all up, I attended the Canadian Design Bloggers Meetup. Like BlogPodium, it was a great opportunity to meet and mingle with fellow bloggers. And there were some great guest speakers — Cameron MacNeil and Lisa Murphy from House & Home, Cassandra Lavalle from coco + kelly and Brian Gluskstein. Amazing, right?! Oh and there were some incredible prizes to be won from IKEA, Delta, Kravat, and others (maybe I’ll get lucky next year!).

[photos by Alessia Lamonaca]

Now I’m off to drool over everything in the swag bags from BlogPodium and the Bloggers Meetup. It’s like Christmas all over again…

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