colour me pretty: fine lime

After adding a pop of lime green to the back of my kitchen shelves (see that post here), my love for all things lime green was re-ignited. It’s one of those colours that can be really overwhelming, but in pops it can be just fabulous. It totally injects some fun into a space. I like it paired with crisp white and warmed up with wood tones.

Check out these beauts that I came across on pinterest.

Source: via gemma on Pinterest

Source: via gemma on Pinterest

Source: via gemma on Pinterest

What do you think? Digging the lime? I think it might be one of those love it or hate it colours, and I fall happily in the love department.

Well, happy Friday folks. We’re off to meet our brand new nephew! So. excited. Don’t you just love all things new baby? I definitely do!

  • Courtney

    I loooooove this green!

  • Jeanette @ This Dusty House

    I love (love!) the first few examples, with pops of the lime here and there. The last few though? I find a whole wall a little overwhelming. In small amounts it’s charming and playful. I large amounts… I’m not so sure.

    Great post! I love the pop of lime green behind your shelves, btw!

  • Jen O

    I love the lime! I’ve never been very adventurous with colour but I’m slowly branching out. Right now I’m mostly whites and tealy blues.. but I think I could use a little punch of lime. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • gemma

      Go for it!! Even just a small punch (like a throw pillow, small accessory, etc) can make a huge difference in a room.