BoConcept: ottawa collection

Have you guys heard of BoConcept before? If not, it’s a fabulous store. It’s a huge retail furniture chain out of Denmark. Their pieces tend to be urban, modern and clean lined, but still have a lived-in, home-y feel. There was a BoConcept store on my way to my school when we were living in London, and on more than a few afternoons I would pop in and drool over the beautiful pieces. Totally out of our budget, but amaazing eye candy.

Anyway, Karim Rashid, probably one of the most famous designers to have come out of Ottawa (our beloved home town) has been designing for BoConcept and just released the “Ottawa” collection. Karim graduated from one of Ottawa’s Universities and has gone on to have over 3000 designs in production, over 300 awards, and works in over 25 countries. Because I’m totally mushy about the town we love, I couldn’t help but post about the collection. And it’s actually super stunning.

The collection includes funky dining chairs, an extendable dining room table, a sideboard, and a bunch of cute accessories.

 All of the pieces have a ton of colour options. I’m really digging the clean lines and cool shapes of the collection.


Fun stuff, right? I’m thinking that I may need to go grab a few of the cute little cups. I’ll let you know if we splurge! Head on over to meet Karim Rashid and hear more about the Ottawa collection (including videos) here.

On another note, it was my handy hubby’s birthday late last week. It was low key (he had to work 11 hours on the big day), but I tried to decorate a little and squeeze in a nice dinner. I couldn’t help but post a few of these tulip pics. Aren’t tulips just the sweetest flowers?


Happy Monday, folks!

  • Tanya from Dans le Townhouse

    That’s fun info about the “Ottawa” line. Happy belated B-day to the Hubby.

  • Britt @ My. Daily. Randomness.

    What a unique collection… Love the white sideboard!

    • gemma

      Me too! I think that’s my favourite piece.