the inspiration files: window flower boxes

This is the first summer in our pad that the hubby and I have actually had time to think about the landscaping and garden (our first summer here we spent renovating the basement and the second summer we were living in England). So we have been trying to tackle some outdoor projects to spruce up our curb appeal – details on those to come soon! One of the projects that I have had on my to-do list is to build a flower box to hang from our front window.

When we were living in London, since gardens/backyards were pretty hard to come by in the city, people seemed to really try and make the most of any outdoor space they had to add some greenery. Check out a few of these photos I snapped in our old ‘hood, Maida Vale.

Aren’t they pretty? I love the pop of colour and how welcoming they make the houses feel.

I went browsing around on Pinterest to see what other inspiration photos I could find.

Source: via gemma on Pinterest

Don’t you like the way the greenery crawls over the front of the box, like in the one above? I also love the mixture of plants in that box – some flowers, some shrubby things, some leafy things. Can’t you tell that I know a lot about plants and gardening? Ha!

Since we have added some colour to our front garden, I’m thinking either a black or natural wood box would be best. I’m also starting to picture some shutters. Too many ideas!

How about you folks? Been doing any gardening yet this summer or other landscaping projects? Ever added shutters or a window box to your pad? If so, got any tips? 

  • Jeanette @ This Dusty House

    I love the bright orange flower box! I would love to get flower boxes on pretty much all our windows. It’s just a matter of finding the time to build them and picking the flowers… might not happen this year.

    • gemma

      I know how you feel! I always think “oh that’s just a weekend project”, but then suddenly realize that all of our weekends are booked up! Hmm…


  • how2home

    I think it’d be great if you grew herbs in a window box and hang it right outside your kitchen window. A) it’ll be convenient B) it’ll look super awesome! We’ve done some gardening for the past couple of weekends, we’ve added red wood chips in areas that doesn’t have grass and some stones….nothing particular in plants. What do you have in mind to grow?

    • gemma

      Great idea! We’ve been adding some mulch around our place too. Not sure what we’ll plant yet.. got to get that box up first! ha ha :)

      Good luck with your outdoor projects!


  • Nicole

    What gorgeous pictures! Being that we live in a new home in a new subdivision gardening isn’t in the cards for this year. We have jazzed up our porch with some pots though. Adds a bit of colour!

    • gemma

      Absolutely!! I love pots and hanging plants in the front entryway – classic and so pretty!


  • Shannon(8foot6)

    I haven’t figured out flowers in the front yet!
    I want one of those concrete bowls that sit on the ground…you see them in front of a lot of institutions…

    For now, we have our flowering clover yard!

    I recently started to want shutters again! The house originally had shutters…and we are restoring the original windows…but where in the world do you get shutters?

    • gemma

      Sounds great, Shannon!! I saw some shutters at Home Depot – either basic ones that you can paint (I think they are a strong plastic material) or you can have them custom done. The custom ones seemed to have some nice classic options.

      Good luck with your projects! :)



    The last window box is charming and elegant. Colors of the flowers, window box container and also the style of the window & wall matches perfectly. I give full marks for that one.