With this hot summer of ours, and the lack of air conditioning in our pad, DIY Dan and I have been spending more and more time outside in our backyard. We have been working on some updates to our front garden (more deets on those soon, I promise!), but we haven’t really had the time or money to do anything with our backyard yet. It’s just a big patch of grass, which means we’re starting with a blank canvas. We had hoped to build a deck this summer, but with very few free weekends and our garage roof to do, I’m not sure when we will really get to it. Even if it’s not until September, I’m hoping we can bang it out so that it’s all set to go for next summer.

In the meantime, while I wait, I’ve been doing my usual thing of gathering inspiration. Here’s what I have been pinning on Pinterest lately.

Source: decorpad.com via gemma on Pinterest

Source: diynetwork.com via gemma on Pinterest

Source: poppaganda.net via gemma on Pinterest

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What do you guys think? I’m hoping to build a deck big enough to have a lounge space and a dining space. Do you guys have a backyard that works really well? Have any tips or tricks you want to share? Built a deck or patio recently? I’m all ears!

Speaking of the outdoors, we’re planning on spending some good quality lake time this weekend! Hope you have some fun plans, too. Have a good one!

  • http://www.stardust-decorstyle.blogspot.com Olga@StardustDecorStyle

    Fantastic backyards and patios! Couldn’t even pick which one is my favorite. Each one has its own grace!

  • http://www.stardust-decorstyle.blogspot.com Olga@StardustDecorStyle

    Now that I come to think about it, I would prefer to have the second one and the last pic, mostly due to the surrounding nature! Here in Greece at least for those living in the cities we don’t have any backyards. Instead we are investing in a balcony or for the most lucky ones in a bigger veranda! So, seeing these photos really make me jealous!

  • http://www.themoney-pit.com Kim (TheMoney-Pit)

    This is so timely.. I just posted about my teenie-tiny back yard, and although there isn’t much of it, I do want to spruce it up a bit. I love some of your inspirational ideas!


    • gemma

      Oooh those orange roses from your garden are to die for, Kim!!! Gorgeous! :)


  • http://www.how2home.wordpress.com how2home

    These photo round ups are making me feel envious as well! Man, these backyards are so gorgeous!

  • http://www.puffshouse.blogspot.com Jackie

    Hey Gemma,
    Love your photos, think i’ll go repin a few. We are also planning, but no where near building. I can’t decide, patio or deck? I think patio, but like one of the patio pics above, we would need steps down to it for both exits. seems like a missed opportunity to really make the outdoors an “extra room” because stairs just limits that doesn’t it? but i love patios more. One thing i’ll copy is putting patio lights in the apple tree which will also be intruding (in a good way) over our areas.

    • gemma

      It’s definitely a toss up for us too. I’m used to a deck, so I tend to lean towards that option. I think it is better to have fewer stairs, but then who says you can’t use it as an outdoor room even with a few stairs. I think you should go for whatever you love more! Or both!! Ha ha. The lights in the tree sound beautiful – love that idea.