thrift store makeover: mint framed mirror

Remember how I painted that chevron ceiling in my entryway back in the winter? Well, I was all revved up to make other changes to the hallway, but then 6 months passed and nothing had happened. Whoops. Anyway, I finally got my act together and took a thrifted piece of artwork and turned it into a mint framed mirror.

Here is a really early picture of the entry-way, pre-painted ceiling. See that small mirror on the left? Well, I had always known it was too small but hadn’t found a replacement….

… until I stumbled upon a thrift store find. This big ornate frame was sitting at my local thrift shop, just dying to be painted. I had actually picked it up months ago, but it had been sitting in my garage (see? I told you I got lazy on this hallway makeover!). Anyway, I finally got it out, dusted it off, and got to work. It was a little sad to take out the artwork (clearly a personal masterpiece by someone out there), but the floral still life just wasn’t my bag.

I wanted something aqua or minty to tie in with my blue living room. Y’all know I have hoards of paint (I always grab those mis-tints at the hardware store!), so I got out my aquas. The one on the far right was a little too bright, the spray paints weren’t quite right (too green, too blue), so I went with that minty one in the bottom left.

My painting spot? The backyard (on a sunny day with no rain in the forecast!).

I put on two coats and had to make sure to really get it into all the nooks and crannies.

Then I grabbed the measurements and went out to my local mirror guy to get a piece cut. My mirror dude is from a local framing/mirror/glass shop that has been around forever. If you don’t know of anyone if your area, ask around at the arts/framing stores and they’ll probably be able to steer you in the right direction.

It was recommended that I use clear silicone to secure the mirror, so I grabbed a small tube for $4.

I was pretty liberal with the silicone, just to make sure the mirror was really stuck in there. The silicone can be a little stinky, so make sure to do this in a well ventilated area.

And here is the finished product. It’s that perfect green-y mint that makes my heart happy.

DIY mint painted mirror - via the sweetest digs

DIY mint painted mirror - via the sweetest digs



The budget breakdown?

  • Thrift store frame: $10
  • Paint: $0 (already owned, but was originally $3 for the mis-tint)
  • Piece of mirror: $17
  • Silicone: $4

TOTAL: $31

DIY mint painted mirror - via the sweetest digs

Not bad for a big frame full of character.

Here is how I painted the chevron ceiling, and how we made that narrow DIY wood shelf.

Any of you folks DIY’d a mirror lately? Or a favourite thrift store find? Anyone else as mint obsessed as I am? I know I can’t be the only one.

  • RealtyqueenTO

    Looks great!

  • cassie

    LOVE the color on that frame- it looks perfect! i pinned it! :)

    • gemma

      thanks cassie!! :)


  • Olga@StardustDecorStyle

    Ι think it’s great! Lovely color pic!

  • Nicole

    It’s gorgeous, I love the colour!

    • gemma

      Thansk Nicole!! Definitely a favourite of mine too :)


  • Danielle

    Nice job! Looks really great :)

    • gemma

      Thanks Danielle!!


  • Amelia @ House Pretty Blog

    Great idea and I love the colour! I just discovered a great ornate frame last night while tidying up our basement storage room – I didn’t even know we owned it! This could be just the transformation for it…

    • gemma

      Ooooh, don’t you love it when that happens!?


  • Emily-Jane @ Not A House, But A Home

    Nice DIY! Btw, I’m pretty sure my parents own that exact same frame, except with a picture of us as young kids in it :P

    • gemma

      Ha ha hilarious!! Nicer than my still life :)


  • how2home

    I am so jealous right now!!! I’m looking for an ornate frame to do my grandma’s 85th birthday and I want to use it as a seating chart. Having such a hard time looking for a nice and reasonable price one in Toronto. This is such an amazing find! I like the new color you put on and you look gorgeous in the pic!

  • modern jane

    Love the mirror color. What a great mis-tint! It looks great with the shelf and the ceiling.. just read those posts too:)

    • gemma

      Thanks!! Yeah I snagged that mis-tint as soon as I laid eyes on it.. such a good find!


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