Back in October, I painted our hallway a light gray and hung some of our favourite travel photos in cheap-o clip frames that we already owned (see that post here). I had said at the time that I’d like to update it with better frames down the road, and well, the time has arrived. We switched up some artwork elsewhere in the house (more on that later), so a bunch of our white IKEA ribba frames became available.

As per my usual method, I cut pieces of newspaper/gift wrap to the sizes of my frames and taped them up onto the wall until I got the placement just right.

Then it was just a matter of hanging all the pics. I actually nail right through the paper so that I can get the placement exactly right, and then rip the paper down afterwards, before my photo goes up.

Here’s the after. So much brighter and happier, right?

I love how it fills up so much of the wall. It definitely makes the space feel way bigger, and there is just so much to look at. We switched up some of the photos for posters, prints, and paintings. Since the frames are all the same, it’s nice to mix up the content to keep it fresh and fun.

This sweet little painting was one that had been in my grandmother’s sketch book. I got all of her painting stuff when she passed away, and had been holding onto this little guy until I found the perfect spot. The scene is of the park across the street from the retirement home where she lived in the last few years of her life (and also happened to be down the road from the home I grew up in). It’s so nice to have a little piece of her in the house.

Now that I have this side done, I can’t wait to work on the opposite blank wall of the hallway. I also need to do something about the light fixture (it’s of the boob variety, like the one in the front hallway). One step at a time!

How about you guys? Hung any art arrangements around your pad lately? Any DIY artwork to share? I’m always looking for good ideas!