our digs: using colour to inspire

When we first moved in to our house, I sort of went wild with painting. After living out of our backpacks during our travels, and then in a wee little apartment that we couldn’t paint, I grabbed that paint brush and went for it. I didn’t think too much about the paint colours I chose, and so ended up with colour overload. Although I chose colours in the beginning that I still gravitate to, they were too strong and hard to live with. We have since re-painted quite a few rooms and worked our way towards a more cohesive palette.

That lesson of choosing a palette for the house has sort of evolved over the last few years in our digs. Although I pretty much love all colour, I’m particularly drawn to grays, sea blues, turquoises and “grellows” (green/yellow), with a healthy dose of white and natural elements like wood. Those colours have really inspired the whole feeling of our house. The beachy blues, soothing grays and pops of yellow and lime green have given the house a fresh, airy, natural and light vibe with a dose of fun and whimsy.

I have also learned over time that I tend to like neutrals and lighter versions of these colours on the wall, with pops of brighter colour in the furniture, accessories, and artwork. This makes it easier to change up the vibe of a room when the mood strikes (which for a constant house tweaker like me, is pretty often!).

These colours have totally inspired our pad. Just have a look at some of our recent makeovers…

Our minty mirror which peaks into our beachy blue living room:

Our two-tone grey and white dresser:

Our spa bathroom makeover (with a turquoise/gray on the ceiling!):

Our soft grey hallway that has been jazzed up with a photo gallery wall:

The soothing grey master bedroom with pops of yellow:

And our punchy lime green and white office/guest bedroom:

Benjamin Moore has a whole gallery of rooms by colour palette, which make it really easy to be inspired by colour. I was just browsing through and found a few favourites of my own.

This gallery wall is to die for. I love the gray (coventry gray by BM), black frames, chrome fixtures, and natural elements like the wooden beams and woven baskets. [see more here]

This kitchen is so light and airy and just pretty. The light cabinetry with a darker, punchy ceiling is totally up my alley. [see more here]

The gray-blue in this room (van courtland blue by BM) almost reads as a neutral that you could add any other accent colour to. The pops of lime green, pink and patterned rug give it a really fun vibe. [see more here]

This zingy home office is right up my alley. One accent wall in that lime green (brookside moss by BM) totally makes the space. [see more here]

My turquoise-loving self would be happy in this kitchen. I would probably go for white cabinetry instead of the light wood stuff, but the beachy blues and greens are totally yummy. [see more here]

This teal room is pretty dark for me, but with the light coloured rug, white furniture, and metallic accents, I’m digging the dramatic vibe. [see more here]

Digging any of those rooms yourself? Have you thought about the colours in your own pad in a coordinated way like that, or are you a room-by-room kinda person? Any favourite paint colours you’ve fallen hard for? Do tell. 

*This post has been sponsored by Benjamin Moore, however all opinions and views are my own.

  • Jayant

    Hello Gimma,
    Congratulations for a BEAUTIFUL house. I have always felt that ladies are somehow better placed to decide the color combinations. I blog on a variety of topics, which can be visited by clicking here. Thanks :)

  • http://www.how2home.wordpress.com how2home

    Love your home!! Benjamin Moore has such a great collection of colors! The gallery wall and kitchen…. is to die for!!!! The contrast of the bead-board wall and the black frames….i want it all!

  • Sarah

    Hello! I LOVE your photo gallery wall! May I ask where you got those frames? I’m having a great deal of trouble finding white frames in a similar variety as what you used. Thanks!

    • gemma

      Hi Sarah – they are from IKEA, and called the “Ribba” frames. They are really budget-friendly and have a classic look (available in white, black, silver). I would definitely recommend them!


  • http://www.one21design.com Elaine Rushlow

    Hey can you please tell me where you got your vanity. I need the EXACT same thing. Thank you. Elaine

  • http://Www.one21design Elaine

    I am elated and embarrassed at the same time. I’m a Kitchen Designer/bath and never saw this on their site. I kept searching bath storage. Thanks a bunch very happy as I am in the same dilemma as you heat vent and all.

    • gemma

      It’s tricky with those heat vents, eh? Well, I hope that IKEA sink works for you!! It was like a gold mine to us when we found it. Good luck with your project!