I’ve been hinting that there have been some major changes to our living and dining rooms lately (like here, and here), and I finally got a chance to snap some photos. Carving out some time to take pics while it is still light out gets tricky when you’ve got a day job and are away on weekends. Sorry for the delay, guys!

But before we get to the latest pics, let’s take a look back at the evolution of the living room.

Here we are on moving day. Mis-matched, bare walls, and just plain bad.

This next one is how it looked for about the first 9 months. No rug, a very worn futon, and cheap-o coffee table.

And then after some upgrades (like a re-finished coffee table, a rug, and karlstad sofa). This is how it was looking until just a short while ago.

So, back to the upgrades. It all started with the couches. Remember how we got this fab slipcover from Comfort Works for our Karlstad, and then won the EQ3 couch? Well it was kind of like a chain reaction.

Once we knew the EQ3 couch was on its way, we threw up our Klippan two-seater (that white couch in the photo above) on Kijiji. We sold it, and its extra cover, right away for $200. Since I won the couch, hubby had no problem with me spending that $200 on whatever tickled my fancy.  And what had I been hankering after for soooooo long? A rug. A more colourful, geometric rug. There was nothing wrong with the gray $30 rug we had in the space, but it was never meant to be a permanent solution. So I started browsing. I fell hard for the dhurries at West Elm, but they ended up costing too much with shipping, and found a few on online flash sale sites like Joss & Main and One King’s Lane, but they too tipped over the price limit. Then I came across this guy on Overstock and it was game over.

Geometric, Moroccan-inspired, 5×8, 100% wool… and available in a fun olive green? My heart went pitter patter. I quickly popped it into my online shopping cart and checked out. I had a coupon for Overstock and so got $35 off my order, but with shipping/handling and an international fee, I squeaked over my $200 slightly (up to $225). Whoopsies. Don’t tell the hubby!

I was giddy when we got home to this huge package on the front door and quickly set her up in the living room. The whole room was transformed. It feels so cheerful and fun. The graphic pattern is bold but not totally overpowering. The green is a little more green than I was expecting (not as olive as I thought), but I still love it.

And it’s so cushy under our toes.

So that’s how the room is looking now. So much more colourful and sweet. The lighter couches really make the room feel brighter and bigger, too.

You’ll notice a few of my other new goodies (like that shelving unit and standing lamp), but I’ll give you more deets on those tomorrow. That poang chair is still not my favourite, but the hubby loves it and we don’t have any “new chair” money in the budget, so it stays for now. I would love to eventually get the matching EQ3 Reverie Chair, or something similar.

See those fun colourful pillows? The yellow chain-link ones and the turquoise chevron pair came from Festive Home Decor on etsy. Super well made, a great price point, and TONS of selection.

It’s fun to have such upbeat pillows on there for now while it’s still summery out (let me hold on to the hot weather for a few more weeks, k?), but changing them out for something moodier and warm will be an easy switch come fall/winter if I want to get a cozier vibe in here.

Here is the room for the other angle. You’ll notice that the dining room has been tweaked, so I’ll be back with the run down on it later this week, too.

Now that there is so much colour and pattern going on in the room, the thought of re-painting the gray/blue walls has crossed my mind. I love the colour, but I’m not sure if something a bit neutral and moodier wouldn’t be better. I’m going to leave it for a while and let the idea simmer.

So there it is – the updated living room. There are still things that a constant tweaker like me would like to tackle (like re-hanging the curtains higher and wider, adding a tray and accessories to our coffee table, possibly switching out the art above the sofa), but she’s getting there.

What about you guys? Tweaking things in your pad? Are you a constant updater like me, taking a loonggg time to get a room to exactly where you want it?  Any new rugs or pillows in your life lately? Do tell.