new treasures

Remember when I went and checked out IKEA’s new collection a few weeks ago (see that here)? Well, as you can tell from the photos of our updated living room yesterday, I came home with a few new goodies.

When you look back at our living room from a few months ago there are a few major things to notice. One is that white standing lamp beside the couch. It was something that I had carried from place to place since my University days and it finally bit the dust. The poor guy broke and we lived with it in a seriously crooked state for a couple months. The other big change was the pine hutch. We adore that pine hutch (it’s a family piece), but it was always too big for the living room. There isn’t an ideal spot for it in our wee house, but we have moved it over to the dining room which works a whole lot better.

First up from IKEA was their great new shelving unit – the Vittsjo. It was only $50 and really pretty easy to put together.

I love the glass shelves as they don’t take up too much visual space in the room. I would have probably preferred to just have a small sleek side table in that space, but we were in such desperate need for book storage, so I think this is the perfect solution. I’m totally loving this unit – it would even look super fab jazzed up with a coat of spray paint. Gold or a deep Navy? Yes, please.

I’m sure I’ll keep playing around with the accessorizing, but having somewhere to put a few dozen books is totally amazing.

Next up was a replacement for our crooked lamp. I wanted something slim and as non-overpowering as possible. We liked the Hektar floor lamp, but ultimately the Tertial won out for a ultra reasonable price point – $18.99.

It’s simple and sleek, with a nice brushed silver finish. The only thing I don’t love is the hanging cord, but it’s not a huge deal.

And then the Lappljung Fagel was a no-brainer. A pillow (one of my favourite things) in two of my favourite colours (turquoise and lime) for just $12.99? It was game over.

And the fact that this cute little bird is on the reverse side was just like icing on the pillow cake.

So those were my latest IKEA finds! I’m still drooling over some of their other new pieces (like that black and white rug I mentioned in my shopping post)… I feel like I need a second home to decorate. Or at least a few more rooms. A gal can dream.

What about you guys? Found any goodies lately at IKEA, or anywhere else? Got any sweet reversible pillows or sexy standing lamps? 

  • Alex @ northofseven

    A better question would be What items don’t you have from IKEA in your home? I need a 12 step program. Seriously if I leave there empty handed it’s not normal. Even if it means the meatballs are in my freezer. I have a severe addiction to their fabrics and I need to get my paws on a new rug. Possibly the TARNBY as the kids have killed every rug we’ve ever had.

    • gemma

      Hahah – count me in for that 12-stepper. Though I’m more of an ice cream cone gal than a meatballs one :) Let me know if you get the TARNBY… it looks gorge. Love the natural texture.


  • ali thompson

    ikea is so great. that shelf was an awesome score! i’ll be heading there next week and hope to find some goodies. oh and your room looks gorgeous. the colors and everything. well done!

    • gemma

      thanks ali! have fun on your ikea trip!!! :)