So guys, remember how I lamented about our unfortunate light fixture in our front hallway? The same front hallway that has the quirky chevron ceiling and minty mirror? I felt like that ugly flushmount fixture was overshadowing all of the fun in this little space, so I had been on a hunt for a new one for months.

And it finally happened a week or so ago. This lantern-come-schoolhouse style pendant was just sitting on it’s lonesome at my local Value Village. I saw it from afar and bee-lined my way over… It took about 0.3 seconds to get it into my cart. I totally loved the shape, the size was perfect for our space (we couldn’t have something too big or that hung too low, since the door opens into that hallway), and the $3.99 price tag was killer.

I wasn’t crazy about the bronze finish and there were some marks on it, so I did a couple light coats of matte black spray paint to bring it back to life. Hubby did the installation, and the old lamp is ready to be donated. Bye bye, boob light.

The only issue, as you can see in the pics, is that because I painted the chevron with the old light in place, we now have a white ring around the new guy. It’s not the end of the world, but it looks a bit off. I can’t say that I’m hugely motivated to fix it (there are so many other projects to start!), but I’ll put it on the to-do list and see when I get there.

Isn’t it so much better? Simple, clean lined, and plays off the ceiling perfectly. I would even say that it’s tied with my DIY capiz-shell chandelier for sexiest (yes, a light can be sexy… right?), most budget-friendly pendant. I’m officially in love.

Any new light fixtures in your life recently? DIY’d any or found some sweet deals? Or maybe you’re a crazy person like me, and run in the middle of the thrift store to an item you can’t pass up. C’mon.. I can’t be the only one.