So remember those before photos from yesterday? Well here is the nursery in all it’s after glory.

Isn’t it cheerful?

Instead of the traditional change table, we opted to get a used dresser off of Kijiji and put a changing pad on top of it. This allows for tons of clothes storage underneath, and it can be used as a regular dresser for the kiddo when he is no longer in diapers. We got this solid wood guy for $20, gave it a couple coats of a high gloss white paint for durability, and spray painted the knobs a happy turquoise.

The artwork was a lot of fun. Shannon and Andy had a bunch of black 8×10 frames sitting in a storage box, so we pulled them out and gave them a coat of white spray paint. Then I took all the frames home and filled them with fun pieces of art and photos. I included some childhood photos of Shannon and Andy so that they can look at their babe and see who he gets his features from. To bring in some more colour and pattern, I used some scrapbook paper from Michael’s as the matting.

To add a little something for the little guy to look up at when he is getting a diaper change, I made two of the super popular tissue poms. I used a tutorial online to make them (but next time I make these, I promise to take some photos and put a tutorial on here!).

The crib is from IKEA, and the little night table was an already-had-it piece that was painted to tie in with the colours of the room.

To capitalize on this little bit of wall space in the room and to provide some book storage, we threw up some shelves. The shelves we went with are actually these spice racks from IKEA ($7 a pop) with a coat of white spray paint. They are great because they are narrow and provide that extra ledge to hold the books upright (no falling books on the little dude). Such a simple but effective solution.

And remember that batik fabric I gave you a sneak peak of yesterday? Well here it is wrapped around the bulletin board. Shannon is already using this space to pin up some sentimental things and important info/pamphlets she wants handy when little guy makes his appearance.

Oh, and here is that moose tray I whipped up. It sits on the dresser and provides a fun space to hold various diaper change tidbits (like coconut oil and pee pee teepees!)

And speaking of organization, my Type A friend (love you, Shan!) has it all labelled and prepped with a place for everything. They grabbed these storage bins that actually screw into the side of the dresser. They have this one (below) on one side for waste, and a bigger one on the other side for the dirty diapers for laundry (they are using cloth). These are great because then they won’t have tons of bins sitting right on the floor that are easy to topple over.

Anyway, there it is! It’s a sweet room, right? I hope baby boy will love it. I know I had a great time working on it with my pals (and I think they are pretty pleased with the results!). Seriously, baby rooms are F.U.N. to decorate.

What about you guys? Done any baby room decorating lately?  Any lime green and turquoise rooms?  Or expecting a little babe of your own? Do tell!