the september highlights reel

Now that I have been blogging for 2+ years and have a bevy of DIY projects, house tweaks, and other events documented here, I thought it was time to start doing the monthly recap. Lots of other bloggers do this as a way to summarize the highlights from that month. It definitely makes it easier to go back into the archives, especially if you’re new to a blog.

So without further ado, the September highlights reel.

The first DIY project of the month: painted sliding closet doors. The two-tone colour scheme with the right placement of tape totally makes them look like they have some mouldings and gives them so much more depth. Oh, and this was the first blog post with a video!! Still a little embarrassed by it… but I have gotten over the initial trepidation of actually being on camera, so a house tour video is next up on the to-do list.

We made some  major tweaks to the living and dining rooms lately, including a new couch, rug, pillows and a furniture switcharoo. Even though there are still things on the list for both of these spaces, the rooms are feeling so much more pulled together, cheerful, and more like us.

Definitely the best thrift store find of the month was this pendant light fixture. For $3.99 I grabbed that thing and pretty much ran out of the store. A “start the car!!” kind of moment for sure. With a coat of matte black spray paint, it was good as new. I love how it looks on our chevron ceiling (SO much better than the boob light of yore). We still need to do something about the ring around the fixture on the ceiling where the old light was, but we’ll get to it.

Another good thrift store find, these horse bookends get the award this month for best makeover. Definitely a tacky to pretty kind of story.

We were gifted a new-to-us plant (Benjamin Ficus tree) in September, and needed to find a home for this new guy. After dropping about $10 for a terra cotta planter and plate, I finally got in on the dipped trend and did a gold and turquoise number. The planter still looks great and the little peak of gold is perfection.

Best room makeover for the month goes to this nursery I designed for my two pals who were expecting their first kiddo. The room turned out to be all kinds of cheerful and sweet, and was so much fun to do. And the best part? Their little guy, Sawyer, arrived on Monday of this week (!!!!!). The little dude is already getting to enjoy his new pad.

The other September highlight for us was our 4-day trip to Boston with my parents to celebrate my Mum’s birthday. I still have to sort through those photos, but here is a shot of the four of us about to go on a harbour cruise. Pretty cheesy, but I love it.

And there you have it. September 2012 on the sweetest digs, all wrapped up in a little bow.

Can you guys believe that September has come and gone already? Holy smokes I can’t believe how quickly the summer flew by. Here’s hoping we can slow down and enjoy some lovely fall weekends with the beautiful colours at this time of year. Wearing a cozy sweater, having a hot chocolate, decorating pumpkins, and going for walks in the trees is definitely a fall favourite. What about you guys?

  • how2home

    I know! I can’t believe September is over! You’ve accomplished so much over the month, its amazing :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Kristin

    The living room looks fantastic! Random question though…your coffee table. We had one exactly like it in my family’s beach house growing up and I’ve always wanted one. Where did you get it?

    • gemma

      It’s actually a hand-made piece that was passed down to us by our in-laws! It was originally a hatch from a ship. Crazy huh? Sorry I can’t give you a link to where you can buy one!!