organization week: giveaway

Let’s cap off organization week with a giveaway, shall we? When Monica, from etsy shop Print and Organize, contacted me about her personalized household binders, I was all over it. These personalized binders are sent to you digitally as printables, and you receive 22 sheets that include things like yearly calendars, to-do lists, house cleaning guide, bill payment checklists, etc. Having all of those important documents and information in one binder is so smart, and having it look so cute? Well that’s just the cherry on top.

Monica sent me a set of printables so that I could see what they were like. I giddily sent them off to Staples for printing (I had them printed on sturdy cardstock and in colour, costing me less than $8). Once I got them back I put them in this green binder full of recipes I already had sitting in my kitchen.

Just an FYI in case you’re wondering, we didn’t officially combine both of our last names into one looonnngg last name… I just kept my name so had to represent both on our binder!

What I really liked about this binder is if you are having people house-sit, pet-sit, or babysit your kiddos, you don’t have to write out all of the critical info for them – everything, including emergency contacts, is all in here.

One of the other printables that I particularly liked was the monthly menu planner. We try to write up our weekly meals (dinnertime only) on our kitchen chalkboard, but sometimes they get so repetitive. I took a moment to fish out our favourite recipes and jotted them down in this monthly menu planner. We won’t stick to it as a day-by-day thing, but we’ve been pulling it out to choose our 5 recipes for the week.

Ahh, my heart is pitter pattering with organization love. You can check out the whole household binder set here. Okay, so here are all the giveaway nitty-gritties:

The prize: Your own customized set of all 22 printables from the household binder series.

How to enter: Leave a comment on here with your favourite organization tip. Do you meal-plan? Use jars or labels in your pantry? Have a certain spot for everything in your house? Use drawer dividers? Or maybe you think I’m just a nut with all this organization stuff?

Bonus entries: Do any of the following things, and leave me a separate comment for each indicating you have done so:

Who can enter: This giveaway is open to everyone (worldwide).

Giveaway closes: Thursday, Oct 18th at 5pm EST.

Monica is also offering all readers 20% off of all her sweet printables (she’s got tons to choose from!). This will be valid from today until Thursday, October 25. Just enter the code SWEETESTDISC when checking out.

Good luck, and have a great weekend guys!!


Congratulations to giveaway winner, Anne, whose organization tip is to deal with paper as soon as it comes into the house – she files and recycles before it has a chance to build up. Have fun with your new household binder, Anne! 

  • Karen

    Lists, lists and more lists! To-do lists, meal lists, to-buy lists. I love lists!


    I prefer a bathroom all to my own. But since I have to share one (sorry Doug!) I separate everything. Doug has his baskets (one for shaving, one for deodorant – cause he has many!, etc.) and I have mine all divided up into travel, creams and lotions, makeup, etc. So it’s easy to grab and throw back in – no fuss, no mess.

  • Catherine

    Oooohhhh I love organizing!!

    For all my lists I use the Wunderlist app on my iphone!

    I love containers and baskets of all kinds to store all kinds of things! And labels!

    I also have a binder only for financial stuff… budgets, loans, savings.. everything is in there, to help us plan for future big expenses, etc…

    I dedicate space for my daughter… For example she got her own cabinet in our new kitchen for her coloring books and pencils, stickers, toys, etc… She knows where her stuff is at all time and most importantly, she knows where to put it back after she’s done using it! At 2 years old, she just loves putting stuff away! Hope she keeps that great habit all through her teenage years! hahaha!

    The fun part about organizing… its a work in progress.. it never ends!

  • Catherine

    Of course I like The Sweetest Digs on facebook!

  • Catherine

    I now like Print & Organize on facebook! Lots of great ideas!

  • Megan

    I do not meal plan, but I always love when others do, and so that is my goal for 2013. Plus my 7 month old twins will be starting to eat real food soon, so I need this :)

  • Kaileigh

    My house is a disorganized mess. Hence why I need to win this! I really want to start meal planning though, both to make life easier and cut down on unnecessary groceries.

  • Amanda

    I have no tips and, with two kids under 2, I need all the help I can get!

  • Jamie Howe

    I took an art easel from Ikea that my kids no longer used and lopped off the legs. We mounted it to the wall and each week we write down dinner and kiddo activities. It is hung in our pantry and has been a hugely effective tool for keeping the whole family in the loop – esp since both my husband and I work. That is my most practical family organization trick…I fantasize regularly about an uber organized craft area!

  • Kathleen

    Being organized is a constant goal/struggle but I do love lists!

  • Kathleen

    I like The Sweetest Digs on Facebook

  • Kathleen

    I like Print and Organize on Facebook

  • Anne

    One of the ways I stay organized is by dealing with paper as soon as it comes in the house. As I open the mail, bills get filed, junk gets recycled. I go through the kids’ school papers and do the same – stuff they no longer need gets recycled, anything that needs to be signed gets sent right back to school. I don’t give the papers a chance to pile up!

  • cred

    I love menu plans for saving time- I’m still working on perfecting my menus. But important info in one spot for emergencies has to be top of the list.

    What a great system to capture it all!
    thanks for the opportunity to win.


  • Diane

    I have a white board calendar that has one week on it. Each week I put all of the appointemnts and activites on the board so everyone in the family knows at a glance what is going on that particlar week. I also put the kids weekly chores there too, as they rotate weekly.
    Meal planing is my weakness! Could really use the meal planner!

  • Kim Griffin @thequirkyduck

    My organization tip – sync your computer calendar with your phone and plug EVERYTHING into the calendar with reminders… it saves lives… (or at least makes them easier) LOL

  • Kim Griffin @thequirkyduck

    I ‘liked’ print and organize on Facebook!

  • Kim Griffin @thequirkyduck

    I like the Sweetest Digs on Facebook!

  • Kim Griffin @thequirkyduck

    I already followed the Sweetest Digs on Twitter but will now follow more closely ;)

  • Kim Griffin @thequirkyduck

    Totally tweeted this fab giveaway! Thanks Gemma :) (& Monica from Print & Organize!)

  • Eligonma

    I love to make lists.

  • Eligonma

    I Like Print and Organize on Facebook.

  • Eligonma

    I Like The Sweetest Digs on Facebook.

  • Eligonma

    Following The Sweetest Digs on Twitter.

  • Eligonma
  • krys72599

    I can’t take credit for this one; I got it from an organizing buddy. On your to do list, don’t cross out the completed tasks, highlight them out with a yellow marker. The undones will stand out, but you’ll be able to read the information if you ever have to go back and find a phone number or a date or a name…

  • krys72599

    I liked Print and Organize on FB!!!

  • krys72599

    I like the sweetest digs on FB!

  • krys72599

    I now follow the sweetest digs on twitter!

  • Stephanie Greig

    I’m a sucker for baskets…great for organizing!

  • Stephanie Greig

    liked on facebook :)

  • Stephanie Greig

    AND followed on twitter!

  • how2home

    We liked the sweetestdigs on Fb!

  • how2home

    We love using baskets around the house to keep ourselves organized. Looks great too!

  • Annie

    Everything has a place – that is the best organization tip I can offer. That way, as long as you put things away, you have no clutter and you always know where things are. From socks to tupperware lids to extra tubes of chapstick.

  • Morgan Overcash

    I plan out my weekly work outs on the mirror in my bedroom with a dry erase marker every Sunday. That way it’s always there for me to see.

  • Morgan Overcash

    I liked Print and Organize on facebook.

  • Morgan Overcash

    I liked Sweetest Digs on facebook

  • Erin McC

    my main organizational tool is google calendar, synced to both my phone and my partners. when i add things, they are updated to his as well. he wouldnt look at a calendar on the wall, but his cell is with him all the time, so he always has an updated calendar of family appts.

  • domestic diva

    We use jars and labels for everything in our kitchen.