the inspiration files: a hit of neon

When I was strolling through the aisles of paint in the hardware store the other day (I’ll let you in on my recent paint project shortly!), I came across all of these fabulous neon spray paints. Hot pink, highlighter yellow, acid lime, there was no shortage of hot colours that would makes your eyes pop. I reeeaally wanted to buy a bottle, but I couldn’t think of a suitable spot for something neon in our pad. So I held off, but came home and searched around for some neon inspiration. Of course pinterest provided some fabulous finds. Check out these neon-inspired rooms.

The key seems to be just a hit of neon in a predominantly neutral room (especially great in a white room, or against charcoal gray walls). How fabulous is that lime door in the last photo?

What do you guys think? Digging the hits of neon? I sort of feel like making a trip back out to the hardware store and grabbing a can of hot pink. Still not sure what to spray…

  • jackie

    Oh Gemma! I was SO stoked to see Abigail Ahern’s room at the very top when I saw your post! Your blog keeps getting better and better, I get so excited to read each post now! I LOVE this topic! I think a neon yellow vase would be cool, but the curtain rod thing is just TOO awesome. I just spent the weekend rubbing “Rub n Buff” gold leaf onto my curtain rods. Now I want to change them to hot pink! Or, because I stubbornly painted my den pink and it’s too f’ing pink now and I refuse to admit it, maybe I should embrace this, paint my newly found chandelier hot pink and hang it from my black ceiling (painted it black to attempt to tone down that pink!). Hmmm…awesome ideas, thank you SO much for sharing! Keep it up!

  • how2home

    A pop of neon in the room makes the whole space so lively. Love it!

  • Crystal @ 29 Rue House

    I love neon! My favorite is the one with the teal sofa, neon yellow/green pillows – third from the bottom.

    • gemma

      Oooh yeah… I love that one too!


  • Gwendy

    Love these rooms Gemma, especially the one with blue, pink and green chairs and black chandeliers and the black and white trim. Very inspiring for those of us who are a bit timid about colours!