You guys know how I love to DIY things around my place. In just about every situation, I would rather save myself some dinero and DIY it up. BUT… one area where I would rather pay the professionals? My mane. I got my hair did this past weekend, and it’s the first time I’ve been auburn/brown in FOREVER. I have been various shades of blonde ever since I grabbed that first box of bleach dye as a fourteen-year old gal. Well, no longer!

My hair stylist had actually done an ombre thing to my hair last time I was in — darker auburn roots, fading out to my usual blonde at the ends. It was a perfect way to test out whether I would like the darker colour and gave me a chance to get used to it before going full on. You can kinda see it in these photos from when I was working on my harvest table.

I’m definitely doing a few double-takes as I walk by the mirror, and my Mum even gazed over me in a crowd on Sunday because she was looking for my blonde head… but I’m digging it! It’s fun to change it up.

What about you guys? Let’s forget home decor today and just talk hair, shall we? Do you dye your hair? Do it at home or at the salon? Done a new colour lately that you’re loving?