For my bookclub the other month, we read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. If you haven’t read it already, it’s about how she dedicates a year to her ‘happiness project’ and tackles a different element of her happiness every month (ie. marriage, parenting, religion, etc). One of the first months is all about her home – organizing, conquering the clutter, reducing the chaos, etc. I totally clicked with a lot of the things she mentions during this chapter of the book (including the 1-minute rule: spend 1 minute tidying up a room before you leave it or go to bed – it makes SUCH a difference). Anyway, one tip that she tried was using wooden hangers. And apparently it was pretty great.

So I looked at my front hall closet, and realized how mismatched and grungy our hangers looked. This ‘closet’ doesn’t have a door, so it’s in plain sight at all times, making it the prime candidate for a wood hanger makeover. Plus those black plastic ones kept bending out of shape with our heavy winter coats.

The next time I was at a big grocery store (Loblaws), I picked up two boxes of these dark wood hangers. They are definitely more expensive than the plastic variety, but these ones were pretty reasonable (can’t remember the exact price… but I didn’t gasp at it.. which means something for a cheapo like me).

I happily took all of the coats off the rack, pulled my new hangers out, and re-hung everything.

I didn’t expect to think it was that big of a deal…. but guys, it was amazing. Seriously. Everything fits in there better, the hangers slide nicely, they are better for our coats, and it just looks nicer.

Did you notice the slight downward bend in the middle of our rack? Hopefully that guy stays strong for as long as possible. I think it moves down a centimetre every year. Haha.

Next to my beauty hangers, those baskets are now sticking out like a sore thumb. I think I need to get larger baskets for the whole shelf (those mix ‘n match ones were just from our collection when we first moved in). Oh well – I’m going to go back to lovin’ on my hangers.

What about you guys? Are you wooden hanger converts? Been using them for ages? Have you read ‘The Happiness Project’? If you have, any favourite chapters or tips that you got from the book? Or think I was going somewhere rather risqué with my blog post title today? Haha.

PS. I promise to get my new chair pics up by the end of the week. I haven’t been able to snap any photos of them yet (home too late!).