Just a funny link I saw on facebook for your Thursday morning, guys.

Ever spot something amazing on Pinterest, try it yourself, and end up as a big fail? I can’t be the only one. I tried painting a tray recently that was horrific – I’ll post photos soon, promise. Anyway, if you want to commiserate with other projects that took a turn for the worse, check out this compilation¬†on Bored Panda.

Some of my faves?

(all photos via bored panda)

That last one has me seriously giggling right now. Just look at that girl’s expression and her hands. Bahaha.

Alright guys, truth time. Any failed Pinterest projects that you’ll own up to? Got any other funny links like this one to share? Send them my way – I always love a good laugh.

  • Courtney

    I feel like any time I’m trying to do a chevron pattern, I seriously muss it up. Anything that requires PRECISE measuring and angles gets me nervous. I have TWO canvasses that I have abandoned after trying to do a geometric print like that. Ugh.

    • gemma

      Chevron is tricky for sure. I think the trick is to not hope to get it absolutely *perfect* (because that would be way too stressful!!). Maybe use a stencil or fabric for the canvases instead?


  • Kelly @ A Swell Place to Dwell

    Oh man! that was the laugh I needed this morning! I can only imagine if I tried that hair trick I would look 100 times worse than that woman. My biggest pinterest fail to date was my infamous rainbow cake…yup, when it looks too good to be true, it IS! http://www.aswellplacetodwell.com/2012/03/rainbow-cake-fail.html

    • gemma

      Haha I love that cake story!! Sounds exactly like what would happen to me if I attempted it. I actually think your tie dyed effect looked pretty great, but maybe not the falling apart thing… Hmm, I’m sure it was still tasty :)


  • jackie jade

    hahaha these are so funny! my friends and i tried to do that string art and ours ended up looking similarly bad. the balloons just popped and the strings collapsed. so awful/funny.


  • Dacia @ Lemon Drop Life

    Hahaha those are hilarious! I agree, the last one is most definitely the best!