the DIY files: christmas cookies in a jar

17th December 2012

My family is all about the homemade gifts. Since there are a lot of us (including 14 nieces and nephews – and we’re not even talking about Dan’s side of the family!!), going homemade just makes sense. Not only is it much more reasonable on the purse strings, but the presents are always fun and thoughtful.

This year, I did two pressies for everyone. The first? Cookies for santa. Mason jar styles.

First up was to find a good recipe. I stumbled upon these ultra cute ‘cowgirl cookies’ on bakerella. They looked great and I love oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Sold.

This was the scene in the kitchen. All of my ingredients everywhere, a light dusting of flour over the countertops, and my laptop on the oven so I didn’t miss a step.


The Bakerella recipe was super simple. Flour, oats, white and brown sugar, chocolate chips (I skipped the M&M’s and just did all semi sweet), baking powder and baking soda. I skipped the pecans too, just in case of nut allergies.

I bought 1L mason jars from Canadian Tire for the job, and the key to success here was to press down the ingredients as much as possible. With my first jar I was fairly liberal with the measuring and didn’t do any compacting, and wop-wop… I didn’t end up with enough room for all of the ingredients. Don’t feel too sorry for me though, that jar happily became a tester batch.


Once I had my jars filled, next up was to decorate them. We don’t have a printer at home, and I couldn’t be bothered to get them printed at Staples or go use my parents’ printer, so I just did the labels by hand. I grabbed some scrapbook paper I had lying around, and cut a bunch of circles with my circle punch. I labelled them ‘cookies for santa’ and stuck them onto the jars using double-sided squares (the kind you use for scrapbooking).


Then I grabbed some fabric scraps I had lying around. This peace sign fabric matched perfectly with my green labels, and some blue santa fabric also made the cut.


Then I grabbed some jute string, looped my instructions through (I had hole punched them in the corner), and tied the fabric lid in place.



And here they are! Cute, right?



And the santa fabric variety…



Presents like this make me totally happy. So simple and so sweet. And I can report that the folks who have received these so far have loved them! If you need to whip up a few more gifts for those special people of yours, these are great and won’t take you more than an afternoon. Put on some festive music or a Christmas movie and it’s total perfection (or is that just me?).

Making any homemade gifts these year? Ever done any cookies (or other food) gifts in mason jars? Got a favourite recipe? Do tell.

  • jackie jade

    these turned out so cute!!

    • gemma

      thanks jackie! :)