an etsy valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is just a few weeks away, so thought I would go check out etsy and see what little sweet goodies crafters had brewing.

I know a lot of folks aren’t into Valentine’s day – that it’s a “hallmark” created holiday with no significance that just forces buying of mass produced junk. But you know what? I love love, and I love celebrating it. Whether it’s a love note for your partner, a sweet gift for your best friend, a little token for your parents, I think it’s just nice to do something special for those special people in your life.

First up are some cards. There probably isn’t anything I love more than a funny, sweet card. I love handmade ones, but these etsy finds crack me up and could become little pieces of artwork.



$4 from CDesignIllustration



I love me some lemon cake, so this one is very gemma-appropriate.


$4.62 from YourMumRang


This cracks me up. A lot.


$3.50 from dewlawdees


Got a little crush on someone? This is a pretty darn funny way of letting them know.


$4 from emilymcdowelldraws


A print is always a great gift. Nice to add to your art collection, and they can be really personalized. This ‘London’ one has a bit of sentimental thing going on for me since we lived in London in 2010-11.


$20 from HopSkipJumpPaper

And one of my fave bloggers, Julia from Chrislovesjulia (if you haven’t read her blog before, go check it out – she’s one funny gal) sells this chalkboard print of a heart. Amore.


$15 from Chrislovesjulia


Another print. This one is based on a watercolour of two moose. I am totally crazy in love with it.


$22 from LouiseArtStudio

If you are in a long-distance love affair, a custom mug with your two states or provinces would be so sweet. I would totally get one of these for my best gal pals who live in Vancouver.


$20 from GreySkiesBlue

How about a little shabby chic handmade pillow? This bunting one fits the bill.


$23 from Simply1Stitched

I have noticed arrows and triangles are super trendy right now. The gold version of this ring has been swooning.


$14 from applelatte

A little keychain love note…


$30 from PearlieGirl

This flipper had me at hello. Or at ‘We Flippin’ Love You!’. So cute for the chef in your life.


$15 from SassyBrassyCharms

Got someone artsy you want to get a little something for? This palette phone cover is ridiculously fun.


$3.88 from CaseCastle

And that’s it! My 2013 roundup. Hint, hint, hubby. Do you guys do anything special for valentine’s day? Make cards or little presents? Go on a date night, or girls night out? Remember those fun little valentine’s cards you would bring to class in elementary school and share with your friends? I remember keeping all of the ones I got each year in a little box and totally treasuring them. Fun, fun.

  • Kala M.

    I love lemon cake too! LOL These cards are great. I’m especially loving the rambling card for someone’s crush. The arrow rings are cute. I thought they were earrings at first but then I was like, how would you put them on. :)

    • gemma

      That lemon cake card totally cracks me up. Haha!