So I dropped the hint in my new years resolutions post that I was starting a new business. And, you guys know that I have had it on my 30-before-30 list to make a part-time income through my side businesses. I really enjoy working in public health (I even think about maybe going back and doing a PhD at some point), but I am the type of person who is happiest when I am engaging both sides of my brain – the more academic side and the creative side. My dream would be to work a 50/50 split between public health and the side businesses. So far, those “side businesses” include this blog (it makes a very modest amount of money through advertising on the sidebar and sponsored posts), my little etsy shop, which is really just a delight to run as it gives me an excuse to get artsy (though I don’t spend nearly enough time creating new pieces or doing marketing of any kind and hence not tons of income), and now my third little business. I’m spilling the beans.


Here is the story.

When we got married in 2011, it was a low-key, lovely (!), but budget-friendly affair. I really wasn’t interested in any of the mass produced wedding decor and kept it simple with white linens, white chairs, and our white tent. To add a personal and sweet touch, I did quite a few crafty projects (check them out on our wedding page here), and then just collected things from thrift shops, flea markets, and antique shops to use as decor. Old mason jars and milk glass vases for the flowers, wooden crates, vintage silver cake stands, etc. I collected as much as I could (we had a short engagement of just 4 months!), and loved every second.

flower in mason jar

After our wedding, I had a couple of people contact me to see if they could buy my stash of decor items off me. Initially the thrifty side of me thought what a great way to make back a bit of the money we had spent on the day, but something in me wanted to keep them. Then a seed was planted. If other folks were interested in buying my stuff of me, then I guess not everyone loves to do the collecting, curating, cleaning and storing like I do? And maybe people would be interested in renting this stuff out, since it would cut out the hassle, be more affordable, and mean that folks didn’t end up with 200 mason jars after a wedding and no idea what to do with them. When I searched around to see what other businesses were out there, I realized that there was a gap in the Ottawa market for the non-mass produced event decor.

wedding collage 1

Last July, the idea really came to fruition. On my Nicaragua trip, my two girlfriends and I brainstormed names, decor items, and all things business. They definitely gave me the encouragement, and I purchased a URL from our hotel room. Once I got back to Ottawa, I started collecting like crazy and building my website. I still have a long way to go to build up my inventory and have some other product ideas in mind (some crafty stuff that would be for sale rather than rent), but it is time to officially launch. Friends, meet my new business: Pieces of Love.


The website is up and running and has my growing collection of inventory. I have so many things on my list that I would still like to source and find, but I have made a start!


I’m completely nervous and excited to get this business off the ground! I am taking part in an amazing indie wedding trade show in Ottawa this Sunday – Wed By Hand. If you are in the Ottawa area and planning a wedding, you should definitely swing by. It promises to be a super fun event full of crafty folks! Make sure to stop by and say hello at my little booth!


For any more info about Pieces of  Love, you can check out the website here. If you are in the Ottawa area and planning an event, let me treat you to a coffee and we can chat decor!

So that’s it. The new business! Wish me luck!! :)