With all of the organizing happening lately (like our newly decked out basement storage), plus my influx of new maternity clothing, my closet was in need of a bit of help.

Remember a few months ago when I made the switch from our mis-matched hangers in our front hall closet to all-wood ones? And remember how much better it looked and functioned (and how happy they made me!)?!

Well, it was time to do something about the situation in my closet. They were a mish mash of  plastic/wood/wire and besides not looking great, were taking up extra space.


A few of you mentioned in my wood hanger post that you used velvet hangers for your clothes as they are slim and hold things up really well. Well, I listened, guys! A trip to HomeSense, and I came back with half a dozen packages of these beauties. They were on sale for $9/pack of 18, which I figured was a pretty good price.


And then I set about taking absolutely everything off the original hangers, and hanging it all back up again. This also happened to be a great opportunity to bag up some shirts that are already too small for my growing belly. Who knows when I’ll be able to fit into those again.. so they are going to go off and live at my parents house for a while (thanks mum and dad!).


Ahhh so. much.better. The way they slide around is smooth as butter, and I have about 1/4 more clothes on here now (thanks to some seriously lovely gals who have given me garbage bags full of maternity clothes!) and you wouldn’t even know it. These hangers really do take up way less space.


The closet is small, but it works hard. I have all of my shirts and dresses and some sweaters hung up, have some shelving and drawer units underneath for PJs, socks, belts, slippers, leggings, and bathing suits, and then everything else folded up top or in the shelves that divide the ‘his’ and ‘her’ sides of the closet.



On the shelves up top and along the side are my bulky sweatshirts, all of my sweatpants/workout pants, shorts, lesser worn sweaters, casual/workout tee-shirts, and jeans. Oh to have a big walk-in closet. One day!


The other fun thing about velvet hangers? The fact that they come in just about every colour. I got a mixture of deep purple, hot pink, and greys. So pretty. Oh and it’s true – clothes really doesn’t slip off them – they just sort of stick to the velvet texture.


And hubby’s side of the closet? Well he didn’t get the velvet hanger treatment (poor guy), but I did at least make sure he had all matching white plastic hangers (his request when I asked which were his fave). DSC_0312

Have you guys done a hanger switcharoo? Got any fave types? Are you on the velvet bandwagon? Please don’t gloat and tell me you have a gorgeous walk-in closet. Or okay.. tell me about it and I can daydream and be totally green with jealousy :)