the ottawa antiques show

Happy Monday, guys! Did you have a good weekend?

Mine started off on exactly the right foot – a little dinner out, and a stop at the Ottawa Antiques Show with two of my favourite gal pals.

The Ottawa Antiques Show happens a couple times a year and brings together over 50 vendors from around Ontario. There is a great selection of goodies – from glassware, to jewellery, to clothing, to furniture, and much more!

Here were a few of my fave finds from this weekend’s show.

Boxes of vintage postcards could have had me glued to that one spot for hours. I love going through these and they can make such great little pieces of artwork. Framed with a crisp white matte in an IKEA Ribba and you’ve got yourself some sweet new art for your pad!


The old valentines ones really had me. The graphics were so sweet and they would be great in a nursery. Plus, on the back of one of them said “To___, From ____” in two of the baby names that D and I love. I was pretty much tearing up right then and there. Can you say hormonal? Haha.


My girl Courtney (who you’ll remember from this apartment tour), browsing through the postcards!


This booth has tons of old metal goods, including some vintage keys. Having some of these in a little jar or hanging in a shadow box can look super fab.


These broaches were GORGE. The vendor sold special clasps for a few dollars that would allow you to turn them into necklaces. Regretting not buying one or two of these now…


I have seen this vendor before, and always drool over the jadite. I would love to start a collection of this stuff one day. Come on big, dream kitchen to actually let me store beauties like these!


Here is my pal Andrea getting into the funky old dresses. I actually really loved this cream ruffled one. With a great pair of bright shoes and some accessories, how fab would it be?


There were a few booths with some sweet mid-century pieces. This metal desk/side table would add some industrial chic to any space.


Oh and here was another art idea. I see these brass plates (I’m not sure if that’s what they’re called?) all the time – some have horses, dogs, crests, moose, and all sorts of other things pictured in the middle. You could gather up a collection of your favourites and mount them in a shadow box for a nice piece of artwork. It would be a great way to inject a bit of brassy gold into the palette of a room, which is super trendy right now!


This vendor from Brighton refinishes old boxes. He sources some really great rare boxes, so you’re bound to find one that has a branding stamp that appeals to you!


I really wanted to bring this guy home, but just don’t have anywhere to put it. Boo. (Moo?)DSC_0688

Lots of great country style furniture at the show. I love these shabby, rustic pieces – though most were out of my price range. How fab would that long minty bench look in a big entryway? DSC_0689

Here we are at the end of the show. I think we were actually the very last to leave. Tired, a bit sore, but oh so happy with our purchases. (And yes – my bump is getting bigger! I owe you guys a bump update soon… but this little gal is definitely growing – I can’t hide it like a certain Middleton Princess apparently can!)DSC_0690

As for what I brought home? I was very restrained (much to hubby’s delight). I got these two blue crown jars for $10, so added them to my ever-growing collection for the business.DSC_0696

And I couldn’t resist bringing home a few of the valentine’s postcards (the top one is for D next year – hence why it’s turned over – and I’m thinking I’ll use the bottom one in the nursery).


Have you local folks ever hit up the Ottawa Antiques Show? Brought home any goodies? Any antiquing or thrifting recently for the rest of you? I can’t wait until garage sale and flea market season is upon us. C’mon spring/summer! 

  • Stephanie

    I wanted those mason jars, but at $10 each it was way too much for me. Glad you’ll enjoy them!

    • gemma

      No- $10 for both (so $5 each). I was pumped, as I don’t have one that says “Toronto & Winnipeg”… kinda fun!


  • jackie

    This is weird. First I was getting 2 emails/day from your page, now I didn’t get any. Good thing I missed you enough (I was actually worrried lol!) that I came to the page all on my own. And now I’m sad. Because in Calgary we go to this huge flea market every Sunday, but it totally sucks. And I know places like where you went exist, but why not in Calgary!!!? BOOO! (Moo? LOL). Love the baby bump, you look gorgeous. The long hair is def a good idea when pregnant IMO.

    • gemma

      Shoot! Sorry about the emails, Jackie.. I have no idea why that’s happening?! I’ll have to look into my feed.

      And that is too bad about the crappy flea market in Calgary. There must be some other options?! Maybe head out of town to the more country markets? I know that’s always my strategy.. :)


  • Candace

    I am so sad I missed this! Look at all that milkglass! Need to mark on my calendar for next year.

    • gemma

      Definitely!! :)