advice: front door colour conundrum

Okay, so you guys know that painting our front door is on our before baby‘ list. It’s not like it’s a huge priority, but our chipped white door is seriously lacklustre. Frankly, the whole front door/steps area needs a major revamp, but since we are planning our second storey addition (we’re meeting with someone to start the drawings next week!), we don’t want to put any cash into this part of the house right now. It’s doubtful that we’ll re-use the front door, so a coat of paint is the most budget-friendly and easy way to give it a makeover at this point.

So onto the colour dilemma. I love just about any colour on a front door – it adds dimension to any house and can be fun and preppy (think sunshine yellow or teal), moody and sophisticated (navy, black), or classic (fire engine red, grey).



We’re not total strangers to door-painting. Remember when I painted the inside of our side door yellow? Yep, still absolutely loving that bright fella.


I need to get an updated shot of the front of our house for you guys (this one is from the end of the fall last year when we had installed the shutters), but we’ve got a ┬áred brick + black shutters situation going on. Oh, and┬áthat awful brown screen door (why oh why couldn’t it have been white?!), which totally messes with the scheme. I’m really not a brown kind of gal. We could try painting the screen door, but I feel like that’s more hassle than it’s worth at this point. We don’t want to spend any money replacing it. And we really like having the screen door, as we often leave the front door slightly ajar in the summertime. So that means we’re working with the screen door. Unless you guys have any brilliant suggestions?


With the current scheme in mind, what colour do you think would look best? I’m leaning in a few different directions. A cheery bright red (nothing with purple undertones – very much fire engine), could look fun.







I also think we could go with a deep Navy. Navy and black are pals, and it looks great next to the red brick.




source unknown (please let me know if you know it!)

Or we could go with black to match the shutters. I’m not sure how it would look next to the brown screen door, though.




source unknown (please let me know if you know it!)



Help, please! What do you guys think? Have you ventured into door painting before? Seen any cute red brick bungalows with great front doors? Do tell.

  • Mrs. Limestone

    I love a colorful door too but I think with the white foundation and white windows, your white door looks right as it is. It might look a bit out of place.

    Would you consider painting a small strip of color on the foundation to match the door color? That could look very crisp and modern without it being too much.

  • Catherine

    I always loved loved loved red doors! Such a classic!!

    But I must say that black doors are getting my attention these days!

    I think if you can get some white around your door like it your pictures, either colors will be great!

  • Laurena

    I love a navy door! It’s classic and a nice contrast with the brick.

  • Lindsay

    I just painted my front door sunshine yellow this weekend – what a difference a little paint can make! I’m leaning more toward navy for your door. I’m just not really a red door fan.

  • Laurie

    I painted our front door red – much the same colour as your second red door image – last summer and I *love* it. (You can see it a teeny-tiny bit in this picture: )

    I had to take down our screen door as well – it was all broken, though it was a huge debate because we used to leave the front door open a smidge as well, but in the grand scheme of things, I’m happier without it.

    For your house, I’d kinda want to match the colour of your shutters for the door, but the darkness might be a bit odd against the brown screen door…. d’you think it would be that hard to paint it? :)

  • Maureen

    Check out Jen@ramblingrenovators blog. I initially thought that was your ‘unsourced’ door but it’s not, it’s better!

  • Joy

    I like the first navy door option the best. It goes well with the brown wreath, so it would work with your screen door. That picture has most of your house colours in it, and it looks really well pulled-together. Red wouldn’t be enough of a contrast while you still had the brown door in front of it. I’m also just most partial to blue in general. ;)

  • Kala M.

    I like the bright red choices for the door. As for your screen door – I’ve never tried this but I wonder if you could spray paint it black to match the shutters. I would think it would be possible. Just remove the hardware and cover the screens to protect them from over spray. I think a black screen door framing the red inside door would look so nice.

  • Lindsay

    I have always loved the look of red brick with a black door and shutters!

  • Stephanie

    Maybe I’m on crack or something similar, but for some reason I’m thinking something like a robin’s egg blue for both the door and screen door. I wouldn’t go black as you have dark brown brick, plus black shutters, plus a black roof that make the overall palette quite dark. I would want to brighten it with something lighter. Or a similar yellow to your other door? Something to make it pop out from all the dark.

  • sundeep @ desingwali

    I love navy. hope you are doing well!

  • nathalie

    K, I totally love the bright blue door in your first blue-door pic (with the address 606), but I think a red door would look best on your house… Any way you can paint your screen door black? That would look really shap with a red door, or if you decide on the blue, could you spray paint your screen door white? Either wiLl look nice, but that darn screen door’s makin it difficult eh… Best of luck!

  • Becky

    At our old house I painted the screen door and the front door. I painted them the same colour for a more cohesive look (and it was less expensive because I only had to buy one paint). It did get dinged up a bit by the kids hockey bags and things coming in and out but it looked so much better and was really easy to touch up.

    • gemma

      Amazing, Becky! Any secrets on painting the screen door? Did you use the same type of paint? Leave it installed while you did it and just tape around it? Any tips would be much appreciated! :)