I don’t know about you guys, but I have a bit of a magazine hoarding problem. I usually recycle the not-so-great ones right away, but then let my faves pile up thinking I’ll crack them open again at some point.

Well, with the recent influx of baby things at our place, I am really wanting to get rid our house of any unnecessary clutter. And these magazines? Well, they were getting unruly (that is just pile #1 of 2).


We had a few rainy days this weekend, so I plunked myself down on the couch, turned on HGTV, and got to those piles. I flipped through each magazine quickly and tore out fave pages. On some of them I wrote what I liked with a sharpie marker (ie. “try this as DIY artwork”, or “love those built ins”), but mostly I just left the tear sheets as-is.DSC_1095

I thought this was going to be a fairly quick project, but dudes, it took a loonnngg time. After a few sessions of TV watching, the pile on the “recycling” side was finally winning.

And as for those tear sheets? Well I had put together some magazines files to hold them. DSC_1099

They are sorted into three main categories: living/dining, kitchen/bath, and other (bedroom/DIY/outdoor). Eventually I could start a few others or put them into plastic sheets in large binders, but for now, these are working out just fine.DSC_1097

They sit along with some others in our basement storage area.


And as for that farm chair that you could barely see any more in the living room? Well, it is happily on display again!


New resolution: no more magazine hoarding from now on.

Do you guys hang on to fave magazines, or are you pretty good about reading + recycling? Have a good system for keeping tear sheets? Do you even still keep tear sheets now that there are things like Pinterest and blogs a-plenty for inspiration?