garage clean-up

One of the projects on the “before baby” list that we did manage to check off just before Maya arrived, was a bit of a garage clean up.

It was bad you guys. SO much stuff and no system of organization. We had just continued to shove things in, and it was getting seriously out of control. Here it is, after we had moved out a bunch of furniture (that we sold/moved/got rid of). So this is already looking about 30% better than how it originally looked!



So embarrassing! We dedicated one Saturday afternoon to the garage and got to work.

I have a bunch of old windows and frames for my vintage rentals business, and there was never a good way to store them. My handy husband decided to tackle making a storage box on wheels to use, instead of just leaning them up against the side of the garage. DSC_0475

He used basic lumber, plywood, and casters that you can get from any hardware store.DSC_0476

Clever guy, right? DSC_0478

We also bought some heavy duty storage shelves from the Home Depot for about $40 a pop. We don’t park our car in our garage, so decided to setup some of these in the middle, which is where I could store some of my other inventory. Just don’t look at the workbench/cabinetry part at the back of the garage – that is hubby’s section and is still on the “to organize” list (since he was busy building the storage box that day!).


You’d think I had a thing for mason jars, huh? DSC_0485

Here is the other wall of the garage post tidy-up. We already had those shelves setup, but we did a better job of sliding in bins and other boxes more tightly. I know it doesn’t look perfect, but it’s so much better. Everything is clearly labelled, and so it’s pretty easy to find what we’re looking for now. DSC_0487

And look – I still have empty shelves to fill up! DSC_0489

And a walkway! You had to climb over bins, bikes, and miscellaneous chairs before. DSC_0492

Oh and did I mention that we tackled this project when I was 39 weeks pregnant? I was a hot and swollen mess… but that wasn’t going to stop me! DSC_0495

Have you guys done any garage or other organizing lately? Do you guys have one of those more minimalist, pretty garages that you actually park your car in? If so, Jealous!!

  • Courtney

    Ah! This is reminding me of two things:
    a) We need to do some major organization work in our shed
    b) I have some more small items to give to you for Pieces of Love! :)