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Do you guys remember the Reverie couch I won from EQ3 last year? Well, I thought I would give you a bit of a status update after living with it for over a year. The short story: We love it. The colour hasn’t faded, it’s become a little bit softer (which we like), the cushions have remained really plump so they aren’t doing that sagging thing that happens over time, and the “body” of the couch is still in great shape. Basically, it still seems like we just got it yesterday. And we use it – a lot. We are dinner-on-our-laps kind of people, and so I sit and eat on this couch every night of the week. It’s definitely a resilient beauty.


The one problem we have had pretty recently is that one of the buttons came off. I had noticed in general that the buttons (which create that tufted look) were always a bit on the loose side, so I sort of expected this to happen. I called up EQ3 and was sort of ready for a long wait on hold, multiple calls, and lots of back-and-forth before I could get anything fixed. Well let me tell you – their customer service was fabulous. They didn’t ask anything about when I got the couch or require a receipt or anything, just setup an appointment right away for one of their contracted furniture fixers to come over to our house. A few weeks later, a very experienced furniture guy came out and not only fixed the one button, but reinforced every single one (all in about 45 minutes). Such great service!



Do you guys love your sofa? Are you currently looking for a new one? Ever received a great hand-me-down? Before winning our Reverie, we had always had a cheap futon and our IKEA Karlstad. We still have our Karlstad and love it for its clean lines, comfy factor, and reasonable price point, but I have definitely come to appreciate a really well-made sofa.

Habitat, a UK based company, reached out about their latest lines of sofas and chaise longues. I used to pop into Habitat really often when I was living in London to check out their latest stuff (their stores are always beautifully laid out!), so I was happy to take a look at their new lines.

They have a huge selection of sofas and armchairs, and also a ton of chaise longue style sofas.


I definitely veer towards a couch that has clean modern lines, fewer seat and back cushions, and slim legs. I find that a couch that sits entirely on the ground can look heavy in a room. And although I think a neutral sofa is a smart investment, I do love the idea of a brightly coloured couch. Bright turquoise, mustard yellow, or a poppy red? I’m digging it.


I also have always defaulted to fabric sofas and chairs, but leather is inching its way up on my love list. A well-worn warm brown leather sofa, especially in a room with white walls, kilim rugs and throw pillows, mixed metals, and other global flare, is my idea of a good time.

Hubs and I have dreamt of having a nice big sectional at some point to really stretch out on. Our current small living room would get swallowed up by a sectional – but maybe with our second-storey addition down the road we will be able to put a sectional into our expanded living room. A gal can dream!


What about you guys? What’s your sofa-style? Are you a fabric or leather lover? Like tufting? Into boxy lines, or more traditional rounded sofas? Light? Dark? Slipcovers? Have a sofa that has really standed the test of time? Ever re-upholstered? I want to hear about it!

**Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Habitat. All opinions and text are my own.**

  • jackie

    your couch is so great and love that they fixed the buttons for you so easily! i’m dying for a new couch since ours is not very dog-hair friendly. my dream is one of the sectionals from crate and barrel.
    — jackie @ jade and oak

    • gemma

      Oooh I know the ones you mean – love them!


  • jackie

    How did you know that I was just looknig at couches last night until bedtime?? I have an Urban Barn sectional that doesn’t work anymore. We bought it in an apartment we thought would be the smallest, most awkward space we ever lived in. Wrong. Never buying a one-sided sectional again. It hasn’t worked in 2 consecutives home since. I want leather for kids, but I also want a sleeper. I hate buying sleepers though because I feel you either pay for something you’ll never use, or you’ll wear it out quicker. Thus the leather? I don’t know. I’m lost!

    • gemma

      Yeah it’s hard to get the right sofa, isn’t it? I know what you mean about the one-sided sectionals… not always the most practical or best use of space. I love the idea of leather for its durability and ease of cleaning (especially good with kids!). Nice tailored leather sofas that age well over time seem to just look better and better. Good luck with your search!


  • Kelly

    Our couch is microfibre and we love how easy it is to clean with Isla! It is also very dark which helps to not show anything on it. I would love to explore other options though!

    • gemma

      Yeah microfibre is so cozy too! Nice that it cleans well!


  • Emily-Jane @ Not A House, But A Home

    Wow, you’re right – the couch does still look brand new! It’s good you got past the stiff cushion phase and broke it in a bit :)

    And it sounds like you got some excellent customer service! I love it when that happens.