etsy shop: new prints launched

Just in time for the holidays, I have launched a few new prints in the etsy shop! Most continue to be watercolour-based, but I have been having fun with some graphic stuff too.

I designed this “be brave” print to eventually use in Maya’s room.

be brave - turquoise and gold - wall mounted

These two prints were painted by my grandmother (the “audrey” in “audrey + gem”). They were on a scrap piece of paper in a sketchbook, but I thought they were just so pretty. After some digital editing, they make sweet vintage-looking botanical prints.
purple floral - framed


I have been having fun with adding layers of text and graphics to the watercolours. You can expect to see more prints in this vein soon!
what i love most - framed

All of the animal watercolours in the shop are customizable with names and birth dates, but I thought it would be fun to add a few quotes to some of them too.owl - love who you are-framed

I continue to try to add to the Province/State/Country watercolours over time. I would love to have full collections of Canada and the US at some point!

indiana - framed

I haven’t added any new chalkboard prints lately, but the customizable ones make great personal gifts for the holidays.

arrow chalkboard print - framed

In the lead up to December, I have a coupon code for 15% off everything in the shop. Apply the code “holiday15” when you’re checking out. Coupon code active until November 15th.


Head on over to audrey + gem to check things out. Thanks, guys! xo.

  • Runt

    Aw! I love the nursery print with the moose on it, adorable!

  • jitka

    Your grandma Audrey’s watercolors are VERY pretty!

    • gemma

      Thanks Jitka! I love them too :)