Happy Friday, you guys! Hope you all had a good week.

The weather here is starting to officially get cold and I can feel winter right around the corner. I’m a little anxious about it this year as I am loving getting out of the house and going on daily walks with little miss Maya and don’t think I’ll be able to once the snow really hits. I’ll probably start going to more indoor activities with her, but I can’t ever seem to make it anywhere on time these days! We’ll see how it goes!

Anyway, since this will be Maya’s first Christmas, I am starting to think about traditions. My mum always gives me a christmas ornament every year, which is a lovely tradition I’m going to start with Maya. We also always do the Christmas pyjamas – a new pair every year to snuggle up in on Christmas morning. I won’t be doing PJs for Maya quite yet (pretty much everything she wears these days are PJs anyway!), but I do want to get her a stocking. I’m thinking I might get matching ones for all three of us – we’ll see. My childhood stocking is red velvet with a big teddy bear head on top, and Dan’s is a long rainbow knit stocking. They don’t exactly match – haha. I would still want to display our childhood ones, but think it would be nice to have a matching set as a family. Since they are something we will have for a good long while, I want to choose something timeless and sweet. Here are some of my favourites I have found so far.

christmas stocking collage-final

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What do you guys think? Any favourite stockings? What are your holiday traditions? Do you have a Christmas stocking you have had since you were a kid? Are there things that are always in them? We do a clementine, a walnut, a chocolate, and some coins at the bottom of each stocking.