the friday roundup: christmas stockings

Happy Friday, you guys! Hope you all had a good week.

The weather here is starting to officially get cold and I can feel winter right around the corner. I’m a little anxious about it this year as I am loving getting out of the house and going on daily walks with little miss Maya and don’t think I’ll be able to once the snow really hits. I’ll probably start going to more indoor activities with her, but I can’t ever seem to make it anywhere on time these days! We’ll see how it goes!

Anyway, since this will be Maya’s first Christmas, I am starting to think about traditions. My mum always gives me a christmas ornament every year, which is a lovely tradition I’m going to start with Maya. We also always do the Christmas pyjamas – a new pair every year to snuggle up in on Christmas morning. I won’t be doing PJs for Maya quite yet (pretty much everything she wears these days are PJs anyway!), but I do want to get her a stocking. I’m thinking I might get matching ones for all three of us – we’ll see. My childhood stocking is red velvet with a big teddy bear head on top, and Dan’s is a long rainbow knit stocking. They don’t exactly match – haha. I would still want to display our childhood ones, but think it would be nice to have a matching set as a family. Since they are something we will have for a good long while, I want to choose something timeless and sweet. Here are some of my favourites I have found so far.

christmas stocking collage-final

sources (mostly etsy): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

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What do you guys think? Any favourite stockings? What are your holiday traditions? Do you have a Christmas stocking you have had since you were a kid? Are there things that are always in them? We do a clementine, a walnut, a chocolate, and some coins at the bottom of each stocking.

  • Casey @Waffling

    Ive had the same stocking my whole life! I think my mom made them from some sewing kit. I love them, but I do regret that they are rather small. dont hold nearly enough candy ;)

    • gemma

      Hahah, that’s always the case, isn’t it? We stuffed our stockings absolutely full with wrapped presents, so I’m on the lookout for some fairly big ones as well!


  • Catherine

    I love love love Christmas traditions!!!! We always did stockings at my home… and 2 years ago I found some lovely ones at the “One of a kind” show in Toronto!! I picked up 4… knowing our family of 3 would eventually grow! I can’t wait to unwrap them this year!!!
    We love stockings so much in my family that we actually do them every year with my parents, brother and his wife… Adult only stockings! My mom made us GIANT stockings… and instead of big gifts, we usually just fill up everyone’s stocking.. AND everything in the stocking is wrapped! So we spend a few hours all together going through.. each our turn, trying to guess what we are about to unwrap! Its a fun time!!

    I also started the ornament tradition on Léa’s first Christmas… I decided to go with Santa ornaments.. she gets one in her stocking every year! So far I’ve been very lucky in finding nice ones.. and I add the year with a Sharpie on the back everyyear… I’m thinking I’ll do that until she turns 20 and then give her a box full then!
    For baby 2.. I think I’ll go with a snowman theme ornament… not sure yet, but technically I have a whole other year to think about it!!

    Cookies are also a tradition in my home!! I make the same 3-4 recipes every year!! One recipe is from my grand-father, one is from my mom.. they are part of my x-mas childhood memories!! I just can’t let go!

    We are hoping to start a new tradition this year.. For the first time, the 3 of us will be spending Christmas day at home, in our Pj’s, watching Christmas movies !! Can’t wait! It seems the Holidays are so so busy every year, and last year was particularly hard on Léa… too many parties and late nights for a toddler… So we’ll try this new format for a few years until the kids are older…

    • gemma

      Wow — those are some lovely traditions, Catherine!! I like that you bought 4 stockings ahead of time :) I was thinking of doing that too, but I want to get ones with our names on them… maybe I could buy one without the personalization and add to it down the road.

      I love the idea of staying at home, cozied up in PJs watching Christmas movies. That’s exactly what my family used to do every year while I was a kid (even the years we went to England, we still did the same thing at my grandma’s house!).


  • Jen @ RamblingRenovators

    Love your stocking picks, especially the pom pom ones from West Elm. The only problem is I want to buy new stockings every year!

    • gemma

      I really love those ones too!! And yes – I know the feeling :)


  • Amanda – Small Home Big Start

    Stocking #5 is my fav! Love the felt look.

    That’s wonderful that you can now pass on your Christmas traditions to Maya. Our big thing was always reading Christmas books. We would read the same ones every year and they’ve become some of the most prized childhood possessions my sister, brother and myself. My mom has started collecting three copies of each so that someday we can all read them to our own families

    • gemma

      Aww – I love that!! So sweet of your mum, too. We have a few Christmas movies that are staples in our house. I *love* Little Women and watch it every year!