Okay, so my 3-month old daughter probably isn’t going to have any concept of the holidays this year (as much as I am itching to start traditions and DIY her all kinds of Christmas presents!)… so in lieu of making my own advent calendar for her, I thought I would round up some of my fave DIY ones I found on Pinterest.

advent collage-final

I love all of these different ideas. Some are a little more complex than the others (there is one made out of toilet rolls!!! Can you guess which one?!), but they are all super sweet. Click on the ‘via’ link at the bottom of each photo for the tutorial/original site.8202101989_73b3055107_z



viaadvent craft bags



The pouches/bags for little treats is one way to go (a trip to the dollar store would help fill those up with goodies!), but I equally love the kind of advent calendar where you move items in or out of the numbered spots as a countdown to the 25th. advent-beauties-600-54


This one has little cards where you could write messages for each day, like lyrics to a carol or an “action” like choosing a toy to donate, or going around the neighbourhood to check out the Christmas lights. Love.Advent-Calendar-After






So fun, right? I’ll be coming back to this list next year for sure…

Have you guys made any advent calendars before? Have one that has been in your family for ages? Do you buy the chocolate ones at the grocery store? Skip the whole idea altogether?