decorating with white christmas trees

I love real Christmas trees. Going and picking the perfect one out from a tree farm, the yummy smell, and the warm glow once it’s all decorated. I have, however, started to develop a soft spot for white trees. Obviously they aren’t the real deal, but I like their light and bright look. What do you guys think? I thought I would put together some inspiration for decorating a white christmas tree.

Sticking to a metallic colour scheme when decorating a white tree is understated and super gorgeous.


via hereIMG_6199

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And mixing in one colour with the metallics is a nice look too. I’m pretty smitten with this gold + aqua combo.White-Christmas-Tree-7

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For a bit of a retro, kitschy look, go for a a rainbow of colours. Against the white background of the tree, they really stick out as being bright and cheery. white-christmas-tree-colourful-5a

via here pink-and-blue-Christmas-office_thumb

via here Treetopia-White-Christmas-Tree

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So fun, right? How do you feel about white Christmas trees? Would you ever get one? I think I want us to stick to a real tree for our living room, but then do a white one elsewhere in the house. 

  • Susan

    I’m usually a tree traditionalist but those white trees are soooo pretty!

  • Alison

    I have fallen completely in love with white trees over the past three years. I almost love them more than green ones!

  • Alicia

    Ooooh those white trees are so glam! I love the one with the pink and blue ornaments the best. So fun!!

  • Tara @ Suburble

    Okay – you’ve sold me. I’m loving the white tree!

    Maybe next year!

    • gemma

      Hahah didn’t take too much convincing, Tara! :)


  • Lisa Goulet

    I have to agree there is just something about white trees. That first photo with the gold ornaments is so beautiful! I also have the French cottage photo pinned to my Christmas board too!

    • gemma

      I looooove those gold ornaments too. And most of them are handmade (follow the link for the tutorial)!!