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18th December 2013

Every year I like to make Christmas ornaments. I grew up getting one from my parents’ every Christmas, and I usually did a handmade one or two (or five!) too. I have quite the little collection, as you can imagine. Anyway, I have continued the tradition on in adulthood, and am now super psyched to start giving Maya ornaments and eventually having her make them too.

Before I left for Florida, I wanted to whip out some ornaments for this year. I had been itching to use wood slices for a project, and thought they would make perfect ornaments. I have started seeing these  pop up all over the place during the last week or two … seems that a lot of us had the same idea! Since we didn’t have a log to use, I bought some ready to go slices off etsy (from this shop).

They were really nice and smooth, with rustic birch bark around the edges. We drilled a small hole at the top of each slice before getting started (to loop some string through for hanging).


It was a super easy project. I just pulled out some acrylic paint, a small brush, and started playing. Some deer heads, some circles, some triangles …whatever! Please don’t mind the yogurt container and empty breastmilk bottle laying around…. this is a true representation of what the house can look like these days! Haha!DSC_1214

I used some jute string I had leftover from other projects to loop through the holes.

And that was it! I didn’t bother with a sealer coat, as it was already too chilly outside to do any spraying. I also don’t think they need one, as they will only be pulled out and used for such a short time each year.DSC_1212

Here they all are. Cute, right? DIY wood slice ornaments - the sweetest digs

And a bit of a closer look at each one…DSC_1239

The deer head ones I drew out in pencil before painting, while the circles and triangles I free-handed.DSC_1240


Oh and Maya’s ornament? This personalized one to commemorate her first Christmas.DSC_1242






Of all the ornaments I have made, I think these ones might be some of my favourite, for sure.

Are you guys making ornaments this year? Any favourites? I saw some folks do chalkboard paint on wood slice ornaments and they turned out super cute too. So many ideas on Pinterest! 

  • Amelia @ House Pretty Blog

    Such a sweet idea! I think the slices would look pretty on their own, too. Also, I love the idea of giving kids an ornament every year. Then they’ll have a nice little collection to get them started on their own family’s tree some day. Must do this for Hannah!

    • gemma

      Exactly!! I have such a stash of sentimental ornaments already – love decorating the tree with them and thinking about where they all came from!


  • Meredith

    Love those deer heads! Can’t believe you achieved them all before leaving for Florida – great organization. Thanks for the inspiration…. I still need to make some chalk label canisters from your last DIY :)

  • therobinstree

    Thanks for sharing these inspiring ideas! I can’t wait to start on my own ornaments now. :)

    I featured a link to this post on my ‘What Makes Me Happy Monday’ post:

    • gemma@thesweetestdigs

      Thanks Robin!!