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It’s Christmas week, you guys! Can you believe it?

It’s not the first time I have spent Christmas in Florida or somewhere warm, but I still find it a bit weird. No snow to play in, no cozying up by the fire, no hot chocolate and egg nog, and just a different vibe. Hey, don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining. We’re having an absolutely fabulous and relaxing time here! But it is just different.

xmas 07 047

christmas lights at upper canada village

We aren’t doing too much in the way of Christmas stuff for Maya this year since she is still so tiny, but next year I’d like to make sure we get the traditions going for our little family. A new pair of cozy pyjamas that arrive on Christmas eve. Christmas carols filling the house. The smell of the Christmas tree and baked goods all around. Watching Christmas movies. Consuming so much egg nog and chocolate that it makes my stomach hurt. Leaving cookies and milk out for Santa. Spending hours on Christmas morning sitting around opening presents, nursing a cup of coffee, and having a good giggle. Watching kiddos take in all the magic of the day. A nice big turkey dinner with family and friends. I love all of it.

xmas 2007 002

my gorgeous sister putting christmas dinner together

Here’s a little Christmas throwback.

Me back at home for Christmas during the early University years…


My first Christmas with Dan – the “new boyfriend” on the scene…


Our first Christmas tree together in our first apartment (the year before we bought our house!)…

pictures2008 225


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What kind of traditions do you guys have? Do you celebrate Christmas? What’s your favourite part? 

  • Lisa Goulet

    Oh enjoy the warm weather you’ll be back soon enough Gemma. Plenty of time to enjoy the fire and hot chocolate. Loved the walk down memory lane with you. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014!

    • gemma

      Thanks very much Lisa! A big merry Christmas to you and your family!


  • Amanda – Small Home Big Start

    It will be so fun to make these Christmas tradition and memories with Maya has she gets older.

    Hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas in Florida!

    • gemma

      Right back at you, Amanda! Merry Merry!