the florida recap

The weather here in Ottawa has been ridiculously cold (colder than I can remember for a long while!) and it has me seriously missing warm, sunny Florida. We had such a great time there in December. Here is a little recap – also known as, photos of maya everywhere we went.

Maya and I headed down with my parents, and spent two weeks just the four of us. It was lovely. We took it easy – going into town for little adventures, swimming at the pool, reading, eating, and playing (and daily sleeping in for mama … amazing!). Man it is nice having grandparents around, isn’t it?







And then in mid-December, my parents headed back home and Dan and his family headed down. I was sad to see my parents go, but boy was it fun to have Daddy Dan back! Maya was pretty pumped! Have I mentioned the girl is obsessed with her Dad? OBSESSED. So many smiles and laughs for that guy.




We had fun walking down to the beach – though often had to keep it short to keep miss M out of the sun. (Just in case there are questions about it – this is the Manduca baby carrier. It’s amazing! This is our improvised 1-arm version of wearing it when M is super awake and wants to look around. Usually we wear it with both straps over the shoulders though, which almost always results in a pretty sleepy babe.)DSC_0834

She loved the sand and dipping her toes in the water. Her first time in the ocean! DSC_0739




And on Christmas Day, she was totally spoiled (and actually kinda got the hang of opening presents!). Our niece and nephew and some other cousins were there, which was so much fun. Christmas with young kids is just magic, isn’t it? I can’t wait for that when Maya is a little older.DSC_0824

DSC_0847It was a fabulous holiday. Family, great food, and super weather — I call that a good time! Now back to regular life. Hello, snowsuits! Have a great weekend, you guys!

  • Gwendy Hall

    That holiday WAS magical. Great pics, Maya looking gorgeous and all-knowing. The lights of the sun going down behind all three of you on the beach is a classic.

  • Alana

    Love this update and all the photos Gem, thanks for posting!
    Makes me so excited our PR adventures!!

  • Deane

    look at her little knees :) super cute!!