Happy Monday, you guys! So I wanted to take a time out and chat with you for a sec about the blog. When I first starting writing it in 2010, we were fresh first-time homebuyers and doing project-after-project to transform our house, bit by bit. 4 years later, lots of DIY projects and room makeovers, plus a wedding and a baby, life has changed considerably. These days, I am at home looking after our baby girl and weekends are dedicated more to family time than knocking out the latest DIY. While I still have lots of crafty ideas up my sleeve for the next little while, it takes me longer to get ‘em done. We are also heavily in the midst of scheming up our 2nd storey addition to this wee abode — the drawings are done, the structural engineer is reviewing things, contractors are being met, and once the quotes are in we will be meeting again with our mortgage guy to see if we are going to be able to swing it this year. So projects in the current house, unless they are of a portable won’t-get-demo’d nature, have come to a bit of a standstill as we wait and see.

Having said that, and while I have been figuring out this whole parenting gig over the last few months, I have wondered about writing a few more personal posts on “life stuff”, in addition to the usual DIY/home posts. I know I already post the monthly update about Maya, but I was thinking about sharing some of my fave baby products (and things that didn’t really work for us), tips on being a pumping mama, maybe even maya’s birth story, etc. Just a little smattering of more parenting-related stuff, among the home/DIY/design bread and butter. After all, this blog is an “online diary” of sorts for me, so it seems weird not to chat about some of the stuff that my life seems to be all about right now. I know the blogs that I follow religiously are the ones that have a lot of the personal life story woven in to the overall ‘theme’ of the blog.

Does that sound okay to you guys? For those of you who only pop in for the house and DIY posts, I get it if you’re not super interested. If you use a reader like bloglovin, then you can just come pay me a visit when it’s a post you’re interested it. We cool?


Thanks again for visiting this little corner of the internet. I love the community of blogging and I want to give each of you a big hug for popping in and spending a few minutes with me! Seriously… xoxo to all of you. Hope you’ll stick around for the ride!!