easter with etsy

There have been all kinds of lovely things popping up on etsy lately that are all spring-y and easter themed. I love this time of year, when everyone gets so happy with the warm weather and lack of heavy winter coats and boots (finally!). Especially after this seriously long winter we’ve had in Ontario, everyone has seemed extra chipper these last few days.

On that happy note, I have rounded up some of my favourite things that I have been coming across on etsy. A whole mixture of stuff – things for the home, easter decorations, easter gifts for kids, craft supplies, etc. A lot of cute.

(Click on the thumbnail photo to be directed to the individual etsy shop!)

I definitely want to get Maya a little bunny for her first easter. I love the one in the top right of the gallery. Do you guys have any Easter traditions? What are you going to be up to this year? 

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  • Jess

    I love the new look!

    • gemma

      Thanks Jess!!