up, up, and away!

Maya and I are heading off tonight with my parents to jolly old England. I haven’t been back since Dan and I moved home from London in 2011, and there is one special grandmother that is pretty darn excited to meet Maya! It’s going to be so nice to introduce her to a bunch of different family members and family friends over there. We will be over for about two weeks and staying mostly in the south west – where my grandmother lives.

On Exmoor (National Park)

On Exmoor (National Park)

Dan is going to be holding down the fort over here. He has taken a fair bit of time already for holidays (Florida, Puerto Rico, etc) and so we want to save the rest of his available holiday time for this summer. We will miss him for sure!

Wish me luck with the time change. I’m a little worried that an overnight flight + 5 hour time change + teething (3 new teeth in the past couple of weeks, and 1 still breaking through) will mean disaster. Hopefully not…!

Cheerio, daahlings!

  • http://Interiorgroupie.blogspot.com Heather @ InteriorGroupie

    Good luck! We just got back from Hawaii and the time change is tough but not that bad. Bonus: you’ll have family around to help for the toughest west to east part at the beginning! Have fun!

    • gemma

      Yep – totally relying on those grandparents!! :) Thanks for the encouragement, Heather. Glad to hear your trip went well!


  • http://www.lisagouletdesign.com Lisa Goulet

    Bon Voyage! Have a great time!

  • Rachel

    Have a great trip! Let us know how it goes with Maya, I will be heading across the pond in April with my then to be 7 month old to visit my sister. :)

    • gemma

      We are home, and have survived! Will post soon, Rachel. Thanks!!


  • http://www.photographerjun.com/ Jun

    nice landscape photo.