maya – the 8 & 9 month update

Well, Maya turned 10 months on Monday – 10 months!! – I can hardly believe it. We’re into the double digits. Soon I won’t even be talking in months anymore. This girl is growing like a weed.

8 months >>

Maya’s 8th month had some highs and lows. It began with the tail end of her first real illness – a virus of some kind that came with sniffles, a tummy bug, fever, and the WORST diaper rash (her poor bum was so intensely red and blistery, I was trying every diaper rash trick in the book!). Not fun. Oh and she got her first four teeth right around the same time, too. But on the upside, it was the first time we took her out of the continent and over to England. She got to meet her great grandmother and other family members, and see some English countryside. Travel with a baby can be challenging, but it is so rewarding too and I hope that we are setting her up to have an adventurous spirit!

Her 8 month photo was taken with my tablet on my grandmother’s rug while she was all sniffly with a cold  – not quite as staged as normal. Oh well, it counts, right?

month 8

9 months >> 

9 months has been full of new fun, developments. She surprised us one day by starting to dance when some music came on. She rocks side to side as soon as a beat or tune comes on, and if she’s really into it, she’ll “sing” too. It’s the best.

She has also started waving – anytime you say bye bye, or hi, or goodnight, she’ll start to wave. I find it so crazy that these new things just all of a sudden appear one day.

Oh and we have made some good progress on the food front in this 9th month. It started out as puree-only. Maya had a really hard time with anything textured – would not only gag, but proceed to throw up her whole meal. Ugh. However, by continuing to introduce a variety of textured stuff over time and taking it slowly, she has now got the hang of it. I find chopping up food into small, soft pieces to be so much easier than pureeing all of the foods and having to really think about her meals in advance. Faves lately? Cheese, yoghurt, blueberries, and peas.

month 9

And just a few other favourite photos from these last few months.

There has been A LOT of cruising around the furniture lately – usually on her absolute tippy toes. She gets into everything these days, and can get around crawling so darn fast, that I have used our storage bins to block off the living room (making it into a big, safe, play space). Not great decor-wise, but good sanity-wise for now. DSC_0073


We were given a set of eggs from my brother and sister-in-law, and they have become a total favourite. She doesn’t quite get what they can do (they have different shapes that fit into various spots in her egg carton), but she loves to get them a good lick.

Cheerios = happy girl.

Flying! Look at those straight legs. The girl has got some good core strength.DSC_0204

Oh and some aftertakes from our 9 month photoshoot yesterday. It’s so funny – usually if you were to ever put her down on her back, she rolls over and crawls off within half a second. But when it’s on a piece of fabric, she somehow knows she needs to stay put. I think she knows she is getting her photo taken and is already posing for mama – little ham. (FYI – we’re out at my parents place, hence the very different looking living room!)DSC_0291

Ponytails are a new thing for us this month. Her bangs have gotten so long, so I’m either sweeping her hair to the side or doing this ‘do. I *love* it. Mama can’t wait for pigtails. DSC_0295

This whole motherhood gig just keeps getting better, for sure. The interaction gets more lively and fun, they start to really be able to play, demonstrate their likes, and the personality just keeps getting bigger! Plus, the dancing? The BEST.

  • Sarah

    She has grown so much since I last saw her!!