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a 1-day laundry room makeover

There is an annual rural fair in this neck of the woods (where Dan grew up) that has remained a big annual family event. Every year the siblings, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins all get together and have some good old fashioned fair fun (watching the “heavy horse pull”, eating too many doughnuts, saying hello to neighbours, etc). This year we also tagged on a big work day as a birthday gift to Dan’s Dad. Most of the group did a bunch of outdoor work, but I had been itching to get my hands on my in-laws’ laundry room. It was in dire need of a clean-up, de-clutter, and quick makeover. So I gathered the troops and we went to work.

Here was the room beforehand. Pretty desperate, right?! The rest of the old farm house is lovely, but this room had been ignored for way too long. The vinyl flooring was peeling up, the paint job was looking tired, and there was a serious need for some organization.

Not a very inspiring space to do laundry…

The first job was to clear out the clutter. Since my mother in law was only too happy to get this project underway, she and I cleared the room of everything and she was pretty ruthless about what got thrown out. I didn’t even know that there was a butcher block type counter under all the mess. Definitely a pleasant surprise!

Once we could see more of the floor, it was time to peel up that bad boy. We brought over our scraper tool that we had used to pry up the old tiles in our basement (see that project here), which was super useful. We took turns having a go at the flooring and eventually got it all up. My brother-in-law was definitely the star of the show for this particular task…

There was a big old chest freezer that Dan’s parents were ready to part with (time to get a more energy efficient one), so moving it out was a big job. It was H.E.A.V.Y. Here are the boys going to town…

The room instantly felt lighter and so much bigger.

Then it was time for us gals to really get to work. My mother-in-law picked out the paint colours — blue and cream — so we just started slapping them up. Please note my sister-in-law’s quick-thinking painting outfit of just turning her clothes inside out. Smart lady. Since there were three of us doing the painting, it didn’t take too long. One coat of cream on all the cabinets and two coats of blue on the walls.

Then came the part that we knew would transform the room: the floor. My mother-in-law grabbed some inexpensive vinyl “peel and stick” tiles from Home Depot. These are a great option for somewhere like a laundry room where you don’t want to spend too much money, but want something practical, easy to clean, and easy to install. There isn’t much to it: you peel the backing, and stick them down on the floor. The only time consuming bit is when you are tiling around the edges of a room (or in our case around the hatch in the middle of the room) where you need to cut the tiles down to size. We didn’t have the best exacto knives, so this part was slightly tedious, but luckily many hands make light work.

There was something totally gratifying about sticking those tiles down…

So by the time dinner was on the table, this is where we had gotten. We were tired, a bit sore, but you should’ve seen the look on Dan’s parents’ faces. They couldn’t believe the transformation from a few hours earlier.

A couple of days later, when the dust settled and things had been put back into the room (and a new stand-up freezer purchased), it was looking just so. much. better.

My mother-in-law even decorated a bit, pulling out some of her old mason jars.

Not bad for a one-day transformation. I know my in-laws are totally digging their new space and now have a host of other projects on their “to do” list.

What about you guys? Tackled any laundry room (or other) makeovers lately? It’s definitely one of those rooms that often gets neglected. Or ever gathered up the family to hammer out a big project in one day (it’s for sure more fun that way!)?


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  • Ginny Gonneau

    Looks great!!!

  • HaciendaRustica

    The blue color paint on the wall makes a very nice difference, energy efficiency it worth the trouble of a serious decor choir and with great results :)