6 In our home

after the demo debris

I wanted to share the latest photos with you guys at our renovation site. Everything on the interior has been demo’d as you saw in-action in this post, and now that the debris has been removed (two huge dumpsters worth!) and everything cleared out, we were able to really get an idea of what this new ground floor space is going to feel like.


It’s totally crazy to see it like this. The house already feels completely different. No more bedrooms, or hallways, or blocked off kitchen. It’s just one big, bright and open space. There aren’t going to be big lofty ceilings like you see in these pics because we are putting the second floor on, but still, it feels so much more opened up.
We were able to walk around and plan where we might put a couch, or our dining room table. Imagined walking through the new front door. Cooking in a kitchen that has a stove from this millenium (ha!). It’s a trip.
Remember? Our turquoise door, the front closet, and the kitchen!


The bathroom somehow looks even more teeny tiny now than it did before. That space to the right of it (in the photo below) was Maya’s nursery/our office. Already hard to believe.


Up next? The guys are about to start peeling off the brick from the facade, remove the roof, and tear down the free-standing garage. There is no way we could be doing this part of the work ourselves, and we feel great about the experience and knowledge that our contractor and his team are bringing to the project.

If you happen to be a reader from Australia and have done any building projects, you might have gotten your industrial and building supplies at Gotstock. They are a well-priced online retailer that supply all kinds of things from electrical supplies, to tools, to hardware. They generously sponsored today’s post – so thanks Gotstock! And as usual, thanks to any of you readers who support the brands who support this blog. Love love.

Nothing like a construction site to get you all pumped up. Any of you demo’ing anything lately? It’s way easier to see the vision when everything has been cleared out, I find. Like a fresh slate. 

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  • Looking great!
    I was curious about your tenant… I’d be interested to hear what measures (if any) you’re taking to mediate the effects of the construction on them ie: dust, noise, etc.

    • gemma

      Thanks EJ! They have moved out during the construction. We have to get into the basement a bunch for electrical and HVAC work, so it wasn’t feasible to have them in there. Luckily though they (a couple) were able to move in with parents and are planning on coming back in the fall. They are great tenants – so we are super pleased about it!


    • Thanks EJ! Our tenants did actually have to move out – no way to leave the basement undisturbed. Luckily though they were able to move in with family for the summer, and plan on moving back into the apartment this fall! Hopefully it’ll all work out – we really, really like our tenants!


  • I’m loving the openess of the first floor. Can’t wait to see it all come together!

    • gemma

      That makes two of us! Thanks Amanda!


    • That makes two of us! Thanks Amanda!