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I have been chipping away at our front entryway for a long time. First there was the chevron ceiling, then the mint mirror, then the thrift store light fixture, and then replacing all the hangers with wooden ones. There are still a few things on the to-do list though.

Here is the prettier angle of the entryway.


And where we left off from the other (not so great) angle. See those mismatched woven baskets? Well, I always was a bit annoyed that they were different sizes (we just shoved them in there when we moved in), and they weren’t tall enough to really be taking advantage of the space. All of our hats, gloves, scarves, etc live there and were always poking out.


When we built the closet in the nursery, I did a bit of basket re-arranging, and brought all of those woven ones into the nursery where they fit perfectly. Then it was time to head out to HomeSense (the Canadian version of HomeGoods) to do a bit of basket shopping. Things always get a little worse before they get better, you know?

I had my measurements with me when I went shopping so I knew exactly what size to get. It didn’t leave me with many options, but I did find these three that I knew would fit perfectly. I would’ve liked to have all three in the beige colour, but wasn’t too bothered by having a lone green. It sort of ties in with the mint mirror down the hallway.DSC_0693

Once I knew they fit, it was time to transfer everything. Woah did it ever make such a difference to have properly sized baskets. I have one with all of my hats and scarves, Dan has one with his hats and scarves, and then the one in the middle has all of our gloves and other miscellaneous stuff.DSC_0695

Such a simple upgrade, but makes a world of difference.DSC_1150


And the last thing left on the list for this area? THE SHOES. Oh man, it isn’t good. We have a crappy shoe shelf that is put in sideways and an old winter shoe mat. Oh, and a bucket on the other side of the hallway (not pictured) that house all of our flip flops. Time to build some custom shelves… DSC_1146

 Do you guys use baskets throughout your house to keep things organized? I don’t know what I would do without them. Do you have a small entryway like we do? Any tips for keeping it neat looking? I struggle with ours as we can’t easily put a door up to hide the jackets thanks to the curved ceiling. I think getting the shoe/boot situation under control will help though. 

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  • Kelly

    We use baskets everywhere and they are especially handy to keep baby stuff organized! We have an entryway table that has 6 baskets. Everyone has a basket including the dog! I’m not sure what I would do without it…it would be a huge mess!

  • Stephanie

    Very nice! Our entry closet has doors and on each I hung a clear plastic shoe bag organizer thingie – one for my stuff, one for hubby’s stuff. I can then see and easily access all my mitts, slippers, gloves, scarves, earmuffs and have a few spots left over where I can stash my keys and phone instead of losing them every other day. But now you’ve encouraged me to take out all the winter accessories from the shoe bags and bin them up out of the way so I use the organizers from summer accessories. Shoud have done that ages ago :)
    For hubby’s shoes, I installed long low shelves across the bottom of the closet – I find those shoe racks are never wide enough to really maximize the width of the closet.

    • gemma

      I’m totally with you on the long low shelves… I think that’s what we need to do!!


  • teri

    I have several baskets around the house with those cute slate name tags on them. I use one for my dog’s toys and the other as a book basket for the books I read the most.

    • gemma

      Cute! Love that idea.


  • Bronwen

    I’ve been meaning to get some baskets to organize a bookshelf in our new house but for some reason it never occurred to me to actually measure the space before going to the store, so I just wandered around Target wondering whether the baskets would fit! So thanks for that useful tip!

    One of the most useful things we have in our entry area is a hanging shoe organizer. You can get them from Ikea and lots of other places – just a set of fabric shelves that hang from the coat rail. I have one for shoes in the front closet, and another bigger one (originally meant for sweaters) where we keep seasonal equipment – baseball gloves, the shoe polish basket, cross-country ski stuff, bicycle lights and reflectors, etc. I like the way this stuff is visible so we can just grab it and go.


    • gemma

      That’s the second time I have heard this suggestion… sounds like a smart one! Thanks Bronwen!! (and good luck with basket finding.. I would always come home with ill-fitting baskets before – hence the measurements now!) :)


  • Marcy

    I wonder if you could put up a curtain on a cable that runs inside above the arch? I’m thinking cable because it would be more likely to fit between the front of the shelf and the wall, but I don’t know how much space you really have.

    We have closets flanking the entrance to our bedroom so bi-fold doors would not work and I personally dislike bi-pass doors because I feel like I’m constantly shoving them back and forth when I’m actually using the closet. So.. curtains. They’re not up yet and originally I was looking at hanging them on the outside, but your curve made me think of the inside option and I’m kind of digging it.

    My husband doesn’t want curtains on his closet, so he will have bi-pass doors. Having my curtains inside might make it look a little more coherent.

    • gemma

      Thanks for the suggestion, Marcy! We did think of curtains, but unfortunately there is very little room to hang anything up top due to the shelf, and we worried about curtains pooling at the bottom and getting really dirty with our boots/shoes. Plus, I have a feeling my hubby would just leave the curtain open everyday when he went in and out to get his stuff!! Hopefully some better shoe storage will make it look a little better…!!


  • Gus&Otto

    I can’t wait to see your shoe solution. We have the exact same front hall closet. It’s where shoes go to suffocate in a pile :) Or to get lost in the abyss. I thought about putting two sideways shoe racks but that got vetoed.