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the DIY files: installing a floor transition

So remember when we renovated our bathroom from this…

to this?

Well, I don’t know about you, but usually after big projects there are a few little niggling details to finish up and somehow they just get left on the back burner. Left in the dust for the new, more exciting projects.

What had we left for over a year without finishing? The floor transition between the bathroom and the hallway. Whoopsies. I figured it was high time to get my butt into gear and finish this bad boy off.

I forgot to take a true ‘before’ photo – sorry, bad blogger – but you can imagine that it just went from the tile to the hardwood flooring (which is slightly lower and so there was this weird edgy gap). It didn’t look pretty.

We purchased an oak strip transition from Home Depot (they only cost a few bucks), and hubby installed it. It was one that was specifically designed for transitioning floors that aren’t level. I puttied up the drill holes with some wood filler and let it dry for a few days.



Oh, and please disregard the lack of sweeping before these photos were taken. Just keepin’ it real with the dust, folks. After giving the whole thing a light sand and then wiping it down with a damp cloth, I taped off the edges with some ScotchBlue edgelock painters tape and pulled out my paint. It’s the same high gloss white trim + door paint that I have used throughout the house.DSC_0285

After two coats and removing the tape, here she was. SO much better. Just gives it that more polished look. Seriously, why did that take us so long?



Oh, and I wanted to wait a few weeks before posting about this just to make sure the paint stayed up to wear and tear (I was a bit worried about it chipping – I haven’t painted a floor transition before), but I’m happy to report that it still looks good as new.


So that’s it! Not the most thrilling post, I know, but one of those handy things to know how to do if you ever need to put one in yourself. In the rest of our place we have those old dingy brass ones which would be nice to replace at some point. Just something else to add to the list!

Have you guys ever installed a floor transition? Used a different material that you liked, or didn’t? Also, did you have a great weekend? It was sunny and hot here (we just skipped spring altogether this year – hello, summer!), so we spent the whole time outside. A bit of garage sale-ing, some reading in the backyard, walking around the neighbourhood — it was lovely.

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  • Kelsey Apley

    Looks great, really looks like it changed the whole look of the room!! Love the white and floors!

  • kristi poplin

    Your bathroom looks great! Where did you find your sink/vanity? I adore it and love how sleek it is.
    Thanks for your wonderful blog. It always makes my day :)

    • gemma

      Thanks Kristi! Sink was from IKEA, vanity was a DIY built by my hubby and Dad. All of the info can be found on the “our digs” page of our site (just scroll down to the bathroom for the link to the ‘final reveal’ post)! :)


  • Stephanie

    Love how it turned out! I wouldn’t have thought of painting the transition white – but it looks so much better blending with the bathroom tile rather than the wood floors. It really is the little things in life that make a difference, right?

    • gemma

      Totally! And it’s also those small details that I often leave on the back burner for so long… not sure when I’ll learn my lesson! :)


  • Crystal @ 29 Rue House

    So smart! It does look so much better!

  • Mary Eileen

    Polished up the whole look. Love the marble flooring, I am considering redoing the tiles on the floor in front of our fireplaces in white marble. Are you happy with it still? Does it stain easily? Need to convince my hubby.
    Also that framed print you have of you two with your names and wedding locale. Did you get that done from a business or a friend. I would love to have one of us at the Herb Garden. LOVE your blog!

    • Mary Eileen

      Um this comment didn’t show up for me so I rewrote it today. Not sure why? Strange and also sorry!

      • gemma

        I need to approve every comment for the blog (reduces spam), so sometimes it can take a day to show up! Thanks :)


    • gemma

      Hi Mary Eileen – thanks for your comment! We still LOVE the marble floors. No stains at all, feels great on our feet, and looks as good as new. If I were to do it over, I would maybe choose darker grey grout (we chose white and it shows dirt fairly easily as it’s a high traffic area).

      The framed print was a gift from someone – I think it’s probably from etsy. Do some searching around on there – tons of fun graphic designers with customizable posters!


  • robyn

    hey gemma! love the transition strip paint job- looks great! I have a totally unrelated question: we bought the same HomeSav “eiffel” chairs as you and I find i have to tighten the screws that affix the wood base to the white chair A LOT. have you had this problem? makes me wonder if i didn’t install them properly to begin with? seems weird cause it was a fairly straight forward process. please let me know!