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blogger love and a new couch

So yesterday this happened, and totally made my day.

Yep, John and Sherry from the seriously popular blog, Young House Love, featured our bathroom reno in their reader redesign series. OUR bathroom! I think it took a good 10 minutes of just looking at the post before I even believed it was real. Not only have I been following YHL since 2008, but it was the very first blog I ever stumbled upon. The first blog that inspired me to think about starting one of my own. A huge thank you to J&S for posting about our bathroom, and a big hello to any new readers who have popped over!

To continue on with the “super lucky” theme, remember that EQ3 design contest that I won a few months ago at BlogPodium (see my moodboard entry here)? And the gorgeous 3-seater sofa that was the prize? Well, she’s here and she’s a beaut.

Readers, please meet Revy (the “Reverie” from EQ3). Ain’t she pretty?

We originally thought we’d go with a charcoal gray colour for the upholstery, like the one I used in the moodboard, but once we got into the store we fell in love with the lighter gray. The charcoal was super dark and had a lot of blue undertones, and so I worried that it would read as navy blue. This lighter gray is perfect for us and will carry through with just about any design and room for a long, long time (good for a house tweaker like me!).

I love the clean square lines and these nice cone-shaped wooden legs.

Oh and that classic tufting? To. Die. For. I’m so in love.

We’re feeling super lucky. We definitely wouldn’t have been able to afford a new couch anytime soon, so getting this swanky one from EQ3 was such a treat. A big thank you to EQ3 for sponsoring the contest, and to BlogPodium for hosting it!

So basically I want to marry this couch. Yep, sorry Danny, but it’s the truth. Oh, and did you see some of our snazzy new colourful pillows? Well, our new couch couldn’t just be naked now, could it?

As I hinted at last week, we bought a few other new goodies from IKEA and elsewhere recently, so I’ll be back next week with some shots of the rest of the living and dining rooms to see how they’re looking these days. Stay tuned!

Any new sofas in your life, lately? Love light gray and tufting as much as I do? Or maybe you’ve hit a lucky streak too and won a contest? I had never really won anything before this, so I was seriously pumped. Have a great weekend, guys! 

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  • Whoa, Revy is beautiful! Love the tufting and the fabric you choose. She looks great in your space!

    Way to go on the YHL mention! Your bathroom deserves the mention.

    • gemma

      Thanks Jen – not just for the nice comments, but for organizing and hosting the contest!! I owe you bigtime. A nice cuppa tea on the new couch is waiting for you whenever you’re in Ottawa :)


  • Jennifer

    Hi Gemma!

    Congrats on the YHL feature!! You’re totally a rockstar!
    I saw it first on YHL..and I was all…ooh I already know her!!
    The couch looks amazing! Great colour choice
    Where did you get the amazing pillows?!


    • gemma

      Hilarious, Jennifer!! Thanks for the support!

      The pillows were off etsy.. will share the link in the next week or two! :)


  • Thanks for sharing your makeover with us, Gemma. It was our pleasure to share such a beautiful transformation!

    And speaking of beautiful, congrats on Revy. That’s one sexy sofa!


    • gemma

      Haha, thanks John!


  • Oh gemma! I LUUURV your couch too! Lurv. The green-eyed monster even reared its head for a moment with a deep pang of jealousy:( but i’ll try to just experience thoughts of joy for you instead;)
    I do love the pillows. Where oh WHERE did they come from?

  • AH-MAZING! Don’t think it gets any bigger than that in bloggy land! Congrats congrats! AND love the couch! Totally voted for you and hoped you would win, so glad to see it in your home! :)

    • gemma

      Thanks so much Jen! I really appreciate it :)


  • Karen

    Absolutely stunning couch Gemma! And those pillows add such a wonderful pop of colour! Love love love all around.

    Congrats on the YHL blog feature! That bathroom reno definitely deserves all the glory :)


    • gemma

      Thanks K!! Hope you’re doing well. Wish we could have a cuppa and girl chat on the new couch in person! :)


  • I saw your feature yesterday on YHL and was SO excited for you :) and Revy looks lovely in her new home. Can’t wait to see what you bought at Ikea, although it will probabaly prompt a visit to the store, so my bank account may not appreciate it :)

    • gemma

      Haha – thanks Michelle!! Stay tuned for the IKEA goodies :)


  • Yayy!! Congratulations on your feature! Bathroom looks so fresh and bright. Really beautiful colors :)

  • Sarah

    Congrats on being featured in the blog that got you blogging! Such a great accomplishment.
    Love the couch and the pillows! Where did you get the pillow covers?

    • gemma

      Thanks Sarah! The pillow covers are from an etsy seller… I’ll spill all the juicy details next week! :)


  • Awesome! And congrats on the YHL feature!

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