blogger bucket list: check


Yesterday was a big day for me. My first ever published article came out in the Globe & Mail (see it online here)! It is the first in a 5-article series I am writing for them all about our renovation. Can you believe it?! Me. In the Globe & Mail?! [For any readers who aren't familiar with the Globe & Mail, it is the most read newspaper in Canada] Yesterday morning, after dropping Maya off at daycare, I went out, bought three copies of the paper, and took myself out for a celebratory latte at my local coffee shop. It was a real trip to see my own name staring back at me in a paper I read all the time. Even though I have written this blog for years, I have never considered ... CONTINUE READING

en route to blogpodium 2014


So I am en route to Toronto today for tomorrow’s BlogPodium conference.  It's an amazing Canadian conference for design + lifestyle bloggers, organized by the fabulous Jen Flores. I have been going to Blogpodium since the very first ½ day event as part of the Interior Design Show in January 2012. I remember being so incredibly nervous. I came in, almost peed my pants when I realized there was a red carpet area to have my photo taken (How do I stand? Do I have something on my teeth? Is my hair frizzy? Do I look like a huge loser here by myself?), and then proceeded to sit solo in the audience with people chatting all around me. About halfway through though, I started chatting with Laura ... CONTINUE READING

the blog


Happy Monday, you guys! So I wanted to take a time out and chat with you for a sec about the blog. When I first starting writing it in 2010, we were fresh first-time homebuyers and doing project-after-project to transform our house, bit by bit. 4 years later, lots of DIY projects and room makeovers, plus a wedding and a baby, life has changed considerably. These days, I am at home looking after our baby girl and weekends are dedicated more to family time than knocking out the latest DIY. While I still have lots of crafty ideas up my sleeve for the next little while, it takes me longer to get 'em done. We are also heavily in the midst of scheming up our 2nd storey addition to this wee abode ... CONTINUE READING

blogger conference numero deux

2013-10-01 19.37.22

So I told you guys how I went to BlogPodium last week... well, I'm at another blogger conference in Toronto this week! It's funny how things like this end up being one right after the other. I'm at the LINK 2013 conference put on my SheBlogs. I'm having a great time connecting with other Canadian women bloggers and learning about working better with brands, being social media savvy, and growing the blog. We've had a chance to hear Jeanne Beker, Bob Blumer, and some fabulous bloggers speak. Arriving into Toronto. Takes a little longer to get here now with a baby in tow! Jeanne Beker (from Fashion Television) giving a keynote presentation my little lady in a big hotel room! This time ... CONTINUE READING

canadian home trends feature


It's always such a sweet moment when my blog or any project of mine is featured somewhere online, but seeing shout-outs in print totally get me giddy. In the most recent issue of Canadian Home Trends magazine, the editors mentioned a few of their fave blogs -- including this old blog of mine! I'm totally flattered to be mentioned alongside a few of my sweet blog pals - Jen, Tanya, Amelia, and Shannon. A big thank you to CHT magazine! You can check out a preview of the latest issue here (the blog mention is on page 10): There are loads of great articles and eye candy galore! ... CONTINUE READING

getting in touch


I had had business cards made several years ago for the blog, then some for my etsy shop - both using the budget-friendly vistaprint and both designed by me. They were fine, but it had become annoying to have two separate cards. Plus, I had put my phone number on my original cards, which I now wanted to take off (email addy was all that I needed), and neither card actually had my name as the main header. So when one of my fave stationary shops owned by one of my fave bloggers - Penny Paper Co. - was having a big sale on her calling cards a few weeks ago, I knew it was time for an upgrade. When this arrived on my doorsteps a few days ago, I was like a kid on Christmas. Look at how cute ... CONTINUE READING

blogiversary survey results


Happy Friday, guys. We have a winter storm going on here in Ottawa today (snow in April? COME ON!), and I have a brutal head cold to boot so am at home sick. I think I'm going to sleep the day away, and hopefully wake up tomorrow to a head that I don't want to chop off and sunny, warm weather. So remember that survey that I asked you guys to fill out over the blogiversary week? Well, I have finally compiled the results. And guys, it was SO amazing. So many of you filled it out, said such lovely things, and gave me some great ideas about how to ensure that the blog is giving you readers what you're looking for. So here goes. Most of you are gals. Like 99% gals. No big surprise there, ... CONTINUE READING

the resolutions


I haven't ever been one to set major resolutions at the beginning of each year. I think because I set goals and make lists throughout the year (this girl LOVES a list!), sitting down at the beginning of each year and writing out resolutions just hasn't done it for me. Plus, I wrote down a bunch of goals and things to do in my 30 before 30 list that I'm still working on hammering out. Better take another look at that bad boy. Here's a resolution: I'd like to be halfway done that list by the end of the year. Time to get crackin'. This year, I thought I'd throw a few things down on paper.... er, blog.         When I started the blog, I focused solely ... CONTINUE READING

2012: year in review


Happy New Year, guys! Did you have a wonderful holiday? Full of family, friends, food, and cheer? I definitely did. Hubby, my parents, and I all jetted off to St Lucia for a week of total relaxation. Lots of sun, eating (OMG... a LOT of eating... my jeans are feeling a little snug!), reading, and lazing about. It was exactly what we all needed after a pretty hectic fall. I totally unplugged (no cell phone, internet, blogging, nothing!) and it was perfect. More on our holiday in a few days. In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to do a little bit of reflecting on 2012. It was definitely my best year yet on the blog. Lots of renovations, projects, and other fun posts. Here is my ... CONTINUE READING

some cityline love


So, I have some pretty fun news. I am CityLine's "Blogger of the Month" for June! If you're not from the great white north, you may not be familiar with CityLine. It's a Canadian daytime talk show that covers topics from food, to  gardening, to fashion, and of course, interior design! And it's pretty darn fabulous. I have been a fan for years and even sat in the audience once (I wrote about it here!), and did a "video question" from home another time! Anyway, you can imagine how totally giddy I was to get an email saying that I was the June pick! You can read the whole interview here. I feel totally flattered to be featured, especially as other past "bloggers of the month" include ... CONTINUE READING

the business of blogging: blogpodium


BlogPodium. The event that is quickly becoming one of my favourite things to look forward to. The first one, held back in January (which I wrote about here), was so much fun that I was seriously excited for round two. Well I can tell you, it did not disappoint. A room full of sweet bloggers, some high profile speakers, lots of brand representatives, and so much useful information... it was fabulous! I'll try to recap some of the highlights of the day here for you. First of all, it was just pretty. The venue was lovely, the decor was perfection, and the food was deee-lish. The day started out with Nicole, from Making It Lovely. Since the theme of this particular BlogPodium ... CONTINUE READING

throw this girl a bone (pretty please?!)


So remember how I went to BlogPodium last fall (you can read about that here)? Well the lovely gals behind this bloggers meetup - Jen and Lindsay - have done it again. And this time they have even fandangled a pretty amazing contest ahead of time for the design bloggers: the EQ3 BlogPodium Contest. Here's the scoop. All of us design bloggers who are attending the upcoming BlogPodium event were asked to put together a moodboard featuring our favourite EQ3 piece of furniture. Those moodboards were then put up onto a Pinterest board. And the prize? The moodboard with the most comments win the piece of EQ3 furniture featured in their board! How amazing is that?! Here is my board. I love the ... CONTINUE READING