Alright guys, back down to that basement. Maybe now it makes a bit more sense as to why we are tackling our storage problem? We need to clear out our office/guest bedroom to make a nursery for baby sprout! So not only do we need to better organize what was already down in that storage space, but we need to add a lot to it, too! So you saw how we planned and then cleared out and painted the space at… Read more »

After we finished up phase 1 of our side entrance makeover (check out the before, painting, artwork, and lighting), and it was looking all pretty… …until we carried on down the stairs to tackle sore spot #2. The bottom of the stairs storage nook. When you walk down the stairs to our basement, you come through a first door which takes you into a vestibule with the storage area and the laundry closet. Then you can carry through another door which… Read more »

The first major renovation we did to our house (and the biggest one we’ve done to date) was our basement. We took it down to the studs, put in a lot of sweat equity, and transformed it from ultra dingy to a cozy one-bedroom apartment. The ability to turn our house into a duplex was one of the main reasons why we bought our pad in the first place. Just to refresh your memory, here are the before and afters… Read more »

It’s taken a while to get here, but here we are — the final reveal of our big bad basement renovation! Let’s go back for a sec. You’ve seen how we’ve: ripped out the flooring, demo’d the whole space, expanded the two windows, did all the framing, re-insulated the ceilings and walls, drywalled, installed a new floor, gave the bathroom a face-lift, added a made-over electric fireplace, designed and installed a new kitchen, and finished up the odds ‘n ends…. Read more »

So as you can imagine, there were lots of small projects during our basement renovation that I haven’t posted about to date. Here are a few worth mentioning: Painting. As with any renovation or re-decorating project, a lot of painting happened. We had to prime all of the drywall (including ceilings -ick), and then put on two coats of colour. We choose white for the hallway, bathroom, closets and part of the kitchen (along with that green colour you saw… Read more »

The kitchen. So this was really one of the biggest changes to the layout of the basement. We decided to turn what had been a grotty laundry room/storage area into a kitchen, and move the laundry out into a shared area at the bottom of the basement stairs. This made the most sense as it left the large bedroom and living room area, put the laundry into a shared space, and turned dead space into usable space. Here’s what we… Read more »

With all the major reno’s going on in the main part of the basement, the bathroom was pushed a bit to the wayside. It was super that there was an existing 4-piece bathroom, but the not-so-super part was that it was looking more than a little outdated. The combination of grotty old fixtures (lights, faucet, etc.), a beige-coloured toilet and sink, and a mottled blue/beige coloured bathtub surround was just looking a little too “dingy-basement-bathroom” for my liking. Since we… Read more »

Back with the latest installment of the basement renovation progress. Now that we had done the demolition, framing, insulating and drywalling, we were onto the far more exciting stuff. First up were the floors. Before we had even started our renovation, we had decided on laminate wood floors. We decided this for a few reasons: 1)      Wear and tear. Laminate is a really durable product. Because we are going to be renting out the space, we wanted to be sure… Read more »

This was the stage that we had been dreaming about for ages: Drywall. Romantic, huh? We had talked to several people about DIY drywalling, but decided that it was going to take too long and be too big of a job if we did it ourselves. Yes, we’d save a few bucks, but we’d also lose 2-3 weeks (we wouldn’t be nearly as fast as professionals), and therefore would lose on potential rent income. We hired a really nice guy… Read more »

During our first winter in the house, we noticed that the basement got fairly chilly, and so we realized early on that insulation was going to be a major part of our renovation. Now that the walls were taken down (see that post here) and then re-framed (you can read about that here), it was time to insulate those bad boys. Since we were eligible for quite a few government rebates for improving the efficiency of our home, we decided… Read more »