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The IKEA kitchen and bathroom events are on right now (for us anyway, not sure if that’s coordinated across the country or North America?). But anyway, we have some serious shopping to do for our renovation. We are planning on going with IKEA for our kitchen cabinetry and bathroom vanities – we have heard such good reviews, like the look, and obviously the price is right. Custom or higher end stuff just ain’t in the cards for us right now…. Read more »

reduced depth vanity

I received an email a few weeks ago from a reader, Elaine (also from Ontario|!), about a bathroom she recently made over. Elaine was inspired by the vanity that we built in our bathroom (you can see that here), and wanted to show me how hers turned out. I totally loved the bathroom, so I thought I would share it with you guys! Here is the before – dated, and oh so beige. Unlike in our bathroom, the Godmorgon vanity… Read more »


So you know how we put up this pretty paisley shower curtain back when we reno’d the bathroom in spring of 2012? Well, I still love it, but with the cooler temperatures outside I was ready to make our bathroom a little less spring-y, and a little more moody. When I saw this grey and white greek-inspired fabric shower curtain at HomeSense for $20, I knew it would do the trick. See how the shower curtain ties in really nicely… Read more »

So remember when we renovated our bathroom from this… to this? Well, I don’t know about you, but usually after big projects there are a few little niggling details to finish up and somehow they just get left on the back burner. Left in the dust for the new, more exciting projects. What had we left for over a year without finishing? The floor transition between the bathroom and the hallway. Whoopsies. I figured it was high time to get… Read more »


Ever since our bathroom reno (which happened almost a year ago now!), I have had some reader questions about how we are liking some of the products we chose. Here is a reminder of the before + after of this wee little room. The tiles. The white subway tiles and aqua glass tiles we chose from Home Depot for the shower and sink areas are still rocking my socks. They are classic and so easy to keep clean. I just… Read more »

I am pretty embarrassed to admit that this project has taken us 3 years to do (granted we didn’t live in the house for a year of that, but still!). You know our main floor bathroom that we renovated earlier this year? Well, you might have noticed that there is a window… and that that window has a great view out to our driveway and our neighbours house. Right into their kitchen window. Well, hello there! As you can imagine,… Read more »

So after proclaiming that the time had come to do something about our dated and dull bathroom on March 26th, we have done a complete overhaul of this small-but-important room in our pad. One month, a lot of elbow grease, a few dolla dolla bills, and we can (almost) call this one officially done-zo. The *almost* refers to still having to install the overhead fan and put in the floor transition (both on handy hubby’s to do list!). In case… Read more »

We’re coming up to the finish line, folks. Painting the ceiling and switching out the light were more or less the last things on our “to do” list for this bathroom renovation. There are still a few small maintenance things – like adding the floor transition, sealing the tile, etc, but those don’t really affect the big “after”. After painting all of the walls white, I was left wanting a pop of colour somewhere in the room, and you know… Read more »

Okay, so after all that talk about caulking yesterday let’s get to something a little more pretty, shall we? Accessories. Whether they are for your outfits or a room in your home, who doesn’t love accessories? They totally make a room (or outfit) and add that little bit of sparkle and fun. After doing a long list of labour-intensive projects (like demo, tiling, or laying a floor), adding the accessories felt like such a treat. First up were the bars… Read more »

Before I get into telling you about caulking our bathroom, let me just say that I have been giggling for more than a few minutes about all of the not-very-appropriate titles I could have named this post. Apparently I’m still in junior high? Back to the adult stuff… last we left off in the bathroom reno saga, we had just put up the trim and done a fresh coat of white paint on the walls. Next up was to get… Read more »