If you’ve been a reader of this blog for a while, you might have noticed that in addition to the new mirror in our bedroom from last week’s post, there was also a switch up with our lighting situation. For quite a while, we have had two task lamps on either side of our bed. I still love those lamps, but the bases were really quite big and when the baby made her arrival, we realized we really needed the… Read more »


When EQ3 got in touch recently and selected me to be their December “blogger of the month” I was ridiculously flattered. I’m crazy for the Canadian store – did you know it originated in Winnipeg and they still manufacturer most of their products (including all upholstery pieces) there? Love that. And don’t forget the EQ3 Reverie sofa that I have been so pleased with. I was gifted an accessory from EQ3 as part of this series, and I quickly chose… Read more »

Do you have any of these closet doors in your house? You know, the sort of flimsy sliding kind? Well I do. And they happen to be in our master bedroom. Did you know you can paint sliding closet doors and transform them? Not pretty, hey? Oh, and want a glimpse into some real life at the sweetest digs casa? Here is our bedroom in all it’s unmade bed and strewn laundry glory. Just keepin’ it real. Well, I was ready… Read more »

So remember how we gave our bedroom a little upgrade with our new DIY upholstered headboard? Well, the other side of the room was crying out for an update. It was just feeling very ugly-duckling across from the snazzy headboard. Cluttered shelves, knick knacks, and random artwork just wasn’t cutting it. So we decided to do something about it. Part of the reason for the overhaul was also because we were gifted a new TV. I love, love, love watching… Read more »

DIY upholstered headboard - the sweetest digs

After our labour-intensive bathroom renovation (see the final reveal of that here), I was in the mood for a a quick and easy, high-impact project. A “quick win” in project management speak. I have had ‘make a headboard’ on the to-do list ever since we moved into our pad in 2009, so I figured the time had come. Keep reading for the full tutorial on how to DIY an upholstered headboard. See how our pillows had nothing to rest on?… Read more »

Alright folks, you saw the after pics of the living room of my recent condo redesign project earlier this week, so I’m back with the rest (check out all the before shots here). Here is the kitchen in all it’s after glory. Not too much changed here (the cabinets and finishes were already great), but we needed to amp up the cozy factor. I added artwork (photos, a Homesense find, and notice the chevron canvas which was a recent DIY… Read more »

Earlier this week you saw how we added some DIY artwork to our office/guest bedroom as part of its recent makeover. If you looked closely, you may have wondered why we hung the frames so high in relation to the bed… well it was because we were also in the midst of making and installing a headboard. Since I wanted the bed to look more like a daybed (remember it’s a dual purpose room), I figured a length wise headboard… Read more »

I’ve been collecting ideas for headboards over the past few months as I plan on making two of them when we get back to our Canadian digs (master bedroom + guest bedroom). I was originally thinking of just regular fabric upholstery but seeing all the other options out there, I am starting to second guess myself. From wooden planks to doors to blankets, there are so many materials you can use to make a sweet headboard. Here are a few… Read more »

So over the last month or so I have posted about some of the small updates I was doing to our bedroom to give it a bit of a makeover, getting it closer to what I ultimately want it to look like. I started off by painting the room (twice!), which you can read about here. Then I added some super budget DIY artwork (see that post here). The next thing I did was install some blinds and curtains here…. Read more »

So, after re-painting the master bedroom (see post here) and adding some DIY artwork (check it out here), we still needed to do something about our bare windows. Remember what they looked like?: Not only did we want some curtains for aesthetic reasons, we were also getting woken up super early every morning by the beaming sunlight that pours into the room. As you can see, there are two windows. Since the one on the right hand side in the… Read more »