Hey guys! Hope you had a nice weekend (it was a long one up here in Canada!). We had such a nice relaxing 3 days at the family cottage in the adirondacks with our pals. Exactly what the Doctor ordered! Feeling well-rested and caught up on a few things. So back to the nursery where we left off last week. There are three major pieces of furniture we knew we were going to need to buy for our nursery/office: the… Read more »

My pal Tanya, blogger extroadinaire from Dans Le Townhouse, and I have done a little bit of thrifting lately. We decided it would be kinda fun to do a “my take/her take”  on something we could find two of in the thrift shops. We looked around for frames, lamps, or other tchotchkes but were coming up short-handed. Luckily though, Tanya found two metal trays in a “free” pile when she was out garage sale-ing, and snapped ‘em up. I popped… Read more »

Good Monday morning, folks! Hope you all had a good weekend. It was pretty rainy and gray here, so other than a charity event I attended on Saturday night, the rest of my weekend was spent sleeping and lounging around the house. Not bad to have one of those every now and then. Anyway, I thought I would share a chair makeover I did a little while ago. This is one of those projects that anybody can do – no… Read more »

Alright folks, you saw the after pics of the living room of my recent condo redesign project earlier this week, so I’m back with the rest (check out all the before shots here). Here is the kitchen in all it’s after glory. Not too much changed here (the cabinets and finishes were already great), but we needed to amp up the cozy factor. I added artwork (photos, a Homesense find, and notice the chevron canvas which was a recent DIY… Read more »

So after talking about all the shopping and planning we did for the condo redesign project (see that here), let’s get to some after pics. Those are always the best part, right? Remember the living room before (see the rest of the before pics here)? Well here it is looking much brighter, more contemporary, and well, finished. What do you think? The colour scheme is pretty neutral, but mixed with pops of colour and pattern throughout. We started off with a… Read more »

I’ve been working on an exciting little design project lately. A friend of mine recently bought his first condo, moved in, and realized he didn’t know where to start to furnish and decorate the space. So he called me in to help pull the whole place together. Of course I was squealing with excitement. Design someone else’s space? Go shopping and not see the dent in my own visa bill? Try out some new ideas? I’m in. So here are… Read more »

A couple nights ago I was at home by myself, vegging in front of the TV while surfing pinterest, and got a sudden burst of energy to paint our ceiling in our front hallway. I was totally inspired by these patterned beauties: sources (left to right): from here, here, here, and here So I changed into my paint clothes, grabbed all the supplies from my stash of paint in the basement, and got to work. We haven’t done much (other… Read more »

black and white striped vinyl floor tile

To cap off our kitchen mini-makeover (check out how we painted the cabinets and added hardware here and here), we knew we had to do something about the floor. Enter: vinyl black and white floor tile. Here is the before… Remember that ultra-boring beige vinyl tile? It was clean and in fine condition, but it was just so dated and dull. Since we are saving up our pennies for a major kitchen rehaul (probably won’t happen for at least another year… Read more »

The first major renovation we did to our house (and the biggest one we’ve done to date) was our basement. We took it down to the studs, put in a lot of sweat equity, and transformed it from ultra dingy to a cozy one-bedroom apartment. The ability to turn our house into a duplex was one of the main reasons why we bought our pad in the first place. Just to refresh your memory, here are the before and afters… Read more »

So here is the not-completely-finished-but-we’re-going-to-take-a-break-from-this-room final reveal of our office/guest bedroom makeover. Back in November I started off the project with a coat of paint and a stencil. Since then we have built a desk, added shelving, DIYed a chandelier, built some custom storage solutions, DIYed a headboard, and added some fabric artwork. Remember how crazy bright and totally cluttered the room was? Oh man, that hurts my eyes. Well, here is the new and improved room. With our super… Read more »