So I told you guys how I went to BlogPodium last week… well, I’m at another blogger conference in Toronto this week! It’s funny how things like this end up being one right after the other. I’m at the LINK 2013 conference put on my SheBlogs. I’m having a great time connecting with other Canadian women bloggers and learning about working better with brands, being social media savvy, and growing the blog. We’ve had a chance to hear Jeanne Beker,… Read more »

Guys. It’s hot. We have had super hot and humid weather here in Ottawa for about a week now. I am usually someone who really enjoys the heat (and I look forward to it all winter long!), but at 37 and a half weeks pregnant with only a window air conditioner unit in our bedroom, I am not lovin’ it. I’m hoping we get some rain and this humidity breaks soon. Plus, my hair is totally whack. Okay enough complaining…. Read more »

As I mentioned on Wednesday, I am starting to get a little anxious about getting things done around the house before I get too huge/less mobile, and before Baby Sprout makes her big appearance. So as usual, I created a little list. I don’t know about you, but I live by lists. They totally help me stay on track and not get overwhelmed, and it feels so good to cross things off. So here we go. I broke this list… Read more »

So my 3-year blogiversary is right around the corner. 3 years?! I can hardly believe it! This little blog has come a long way since my early days, and I am so grateful to have you guys popping in here on the regular. Thank you! I have a fab giveaway from Reminded Designs and some other goodies planned for next week, but I thought it might be kind of fun to answer any questions you guys might have about me…. Read more »

This is probably the most fun blog post I have ever written. I am very, very excited to let you guys know that we are bursting with some extra love this valentine’s day….. ……yep, I’m pregnant!! Weeeeeee!!! We’re due on August 6th… which just so happens to be our wedding anniversary. Sweet, huh? So that puts me at just over 15 weeks along. We found out in early December, and told our parents the news on Christmas day. We called Dan’s… Read more »

I haven’t ever been one to set major resolutions at the beginning of each year. I think because I set goals and make lists throughout the year (this girl LOVES a list!), sitting down at the beginning of each year and writing out resolutions just hasn’t done it for me. Plus, I wrote down a bunch of goals and things to do in my 30 before 30 list that I’m still working on hammering out. Better take another look at that bad boy…. Read more »

Just a funny link I saw on facebook for your Thursday morning, guys. Ever spot something amazing on Pinterest, try it yourself, and end up as a big fail? I can’t be the only one. I tried painting a tray recently that was horrific – I’ll post photos soon, promise. Anyway, if you want to commiserate with other projects that took a turn for the worse, check out this compilation on Bored Panda. Some of my faves? (all photos via bored… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving to my American amigos out there! Hope you all had a beautiful time with your loved ones yesterday. So what comes along with American Thanksgiving? Black Friday. This day (aka super-sale shopping extravaganza) used to not be so popular up here for us Canadian folks, but it seems to be creeping across the border, eh? So many stores are offering crazy deals and getting in on the pre-holiday shopping action. I thought I would do a round-up of… Read more »

You guys know how I love to DIY things around my place. In just about every situation, I would rather save myself some dinero and DIY it up. BUT… one area where I would rather pay the professionals? My mane. I got my hair did this past weekend, and it’s the first time I’ve been auburn/brown in FOREVER. I have been various shades of blonde ever since I grabbed that first box of bleach dye as a fourteen-year old gal…. Read more »

So on Monday night I met John and Sherry (the bloggers behind the fabulous Young House Love). And it was awesome. Seriously. After reading along with their adventures and misadventures in renovating and decorating their homes since 2007, I feel like these two are neighbours of mine. I laugh along with their funny posts every day, and get tons of inspiration from their we-can-tackle-it-ourselves DIY attitude. When I heard they were coming to Toronto as part of their book tour,… Read more »